Things you need to know before purchasing a home

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Life is filled with many thrilling firsts and one of the top ones is most probably purchasing your first home. Whether you are freshly married or just decided that it is time to get independent and invest in property you have a lot to look forward to when purchasing your own little nest. There is a lot of preparation required when purchasing a home and it is a rather big step and decision that cannot be taken lightly. There is a lot that needs to be considered. Here are a few important things to look at when purchasing your first home. You want to use it as an investment or perhaps a place that you will live in for years to come so make sure you choose right the first time.

First of all know that it is the right time for you to purchase your first home. Make sure that your budget allows you the extra payment and that you are ready to take that step emotionally and financially. Ask yourself if you are really ready to commit to a lot of year of payments and maintenance on the place that you will call home. Many people end up losing their homes because they fail to make the budget that is required. Click here to get tips on budgeting properly.

Things you need to know before purchasing a home

You should also consider the area that you are thinking of buying. Make sure that it is safe and an area where you would like to establish yourself. Take a look at Philadelphia 3.0 which is a corporation that is constantly involved in political and community issues in Philadelphia. This is a great group of people that are very transparent with information about the city. You need to ask yourself if you will be willing to live in that area for at least five years.

You also need to find out if you qualify for a mortgage. There are many things that will be looked at when you apply for your first mortgage. Consider if your credit scores are in check and if you have the down payment saved up. You need to review your financial situation here to make sure you can get the loan that you are looking for so that you don’t have to settle for second best.

Decide whether you will be purchasing the home in your name or with a partner and if it is worth the money that you will be spending. This is greatly affected by the condition of the house that you are looking at buying. There are times where home owners are disappointed by the amount of money they have to spend after purchasing a home to renovate and fix all the things that were broken. Click here to get tips on renovations.

Lastly decide if you are looking for a new home or a fixer-upper. Realize that the latter will take time, money and effort to get just right for you and that you will need to dedicate a lot of yourself to your new home. Many people choose to buy older houses and fix them up to their own liking.

8 Blogs to Check Out If You’re Into Home Interiors

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If you’re someone who loves anything home-improvement and home-designing related, then it’s obvious that you must be into home interior blogs. If you’re looking for a list of some must-follow blogs, here is one you’ll really enjoy!

Home Interiors

Amber Interiors

Interior designer Amber Lewis’ blog takes you inside the innovative workings of her Los Angeles–based studio. Watch out for this site for an industry interior’s perspective and interior pictures that pass on Lewis’ cutting edge bohemian aesthetic.

Bookmark for… Before-and-after stories, on-the-ground drift exploring, planner and artist spotlights, and to shop remarkable mats, pads, and the sky is the limit from there.

Coco Kelley

Blogger Cassandra Lavalle’s glitz style reaches out to interior outline, tabletops, travel, nourishment, and more in her blog Coco Kelley.

Bookmark for… Interior patterns, amazing lists of things to get, and lovely pictures that get out what’s attempting to make re-making the look a snap.


On the off chance that there’s one individual we’d trust to set up a killer dinner party, it’s Athena Calderone. The author of EyeSwoon is the ace of chic tablescapes, and her site is a go-to asset for anybody looking for refined engaging thoughts and Instagram-worth recipes.

Bookmark for… Table setting thoughts, refined item finds, and heavenly recipes with a creative zing to them.

Old Brand New

Blogger Dabito is a handyman: visual planner, photographer, and art director. His blog, Old Brand New, is as flooding with colossal goodness as you may envision somebody with that numerous expert titles would be.

Bookmark for… DIY ventures, interior patterns, and personal photography.

Coco Lapine Design

The blog of Belgian originator Sarah Van Peteghem, Coco Lapine Design is the space where she shares all her up-to-the-minute inspirations. Her all-encompassing tasteful is perfect and modern day with a delicately sentimental touch.

Bookmark for… Aspirational home visits and some really inspirational mood boards.

Savvy Home

You may perceive Gabrielle Savoie’s byline from MyDomaine, however before she joined the group as home décor editor, the Montréal neighborhood picked up acknowledgment by means of her blog Savvy Home. The curated site is a goal for interior motivation impacted by what Savoie terms “an adoration for the seaside way of life, blended with the convention and solace of American outline.”

Bookmark for… Home visits, shopping gatherings, how-tos and “get the look” highlights.

Lark & Linen

Toronto-based interior fashioner Jacquelyn Clark’s blog, Lark and Linen, resembles a soothing cuddle in ultra-comfortable down sheet material. Its tasteful and tone are dependably delicate, tranquil, and beautiful.

Bookmark for… Home visits, pictures from Clark’s regular activities, formulas, DIY tasks, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Wit + Delight

Wit + Delight, the clique prominent way of life site of Minneapolis-based specialist Kate Arends, has collected its own one of a kind brand of sorts: in particular, basic style with a congenial yet altered point of view.

Bookmark for… Perfectly curated roundups, shopping lists of things to get, child raising and nursery content, and excellent interior beautiful sight.

If you’re inspired by all of these creative blogs, then you too can set up your very own interior and home décor blog. Make sure you take the right steps to get it started, and once you have gained a huge number of following, be sure to monetize it. You can easily Make money on Advertise World once you have an established blog. All they will do is place ads on your blog and you will earn some good cash out of it!

Protecting Your Home From Outsiders

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How can you protect your home against outsiders and intruders? A couple of fundamental precautionary measures will keep all intruders with bad intentions miles away from your house.

Just like Foundation for Defense of Democracies helps keep intruders and terrorists away from the nation by working on national security and foreign policy; similarly, you can take various steps to protect your home from outsiders. It is a think-tank based in Washington that holds meetings and panels throughout the year to discuss security-related concerns. Therefore, your methodologies to secure your home should be basic but smart. Here are some ideas that could be helpful for you:

Secure your home during vulnerable daylight hours

You likely stress most over intruders around evening time, yet the greater part of all break-ins happen in the daytime. Criminals search for any simple target; make your home a hard one. Today’s working couples, with them being frequently absent from home, have made mornings prime time for criminals.

On the off chance that you live in a condominium complex or in a flat building, a considerable lot of the outside security measures to ensure your home may as of now be set up. A gated community or locked apartment entrance will help keep an intruder away.

Protecting Your Home From Outsiders

All things considered, it is as yet worth investigating your home’s doors and windows to check whether there are simple or easy entry points into your house.

Look out for areas that provide cover to intruders

Go out for a stroll around the boundary of your home. Is the plantation close to doors and windows properly trimmed? Thick greenery gives the ideal cover to intruders, enabling them to work undetected by your neighbors. Make a note to prune any overgrown plantation whenever you’re working in the garden.

At that point check out your yard. Do you have stepping stools, solid waste jars, stackable boxes, cultivate apparatuses, or yard furniture that could help a criminal break in? Assuming this is the case, set out to stow them in your carport or toolshed.

Indeed, even a metal drainpipe can give access to second-story windows, which are regularly left opened.

Secure windows and doors

Next, check every one of your windows and doors. Those at street level are the most dangerous ones because they’re effortlessly reachable and frequently hidden.  Make a note to introduce grills, bars, or metal security bars that open from within with an emergency exit to give your family an exit if there should be an occurrence of flame. It’s best to get a locksmith or door maker to introduce the gadget instead of doing it without anyone else’s help. Here’s how you can deal with an intruder if they have already entered your home.

To secure your home, first-and second-story windows can be secured basically by including a pickproof locking gadget -, for example, a keyed bolt, a scarf bolt, or a locking jolt – depending upon the kind of window you have.

Put all your valuables out of sight when you leave the house

When you go out, place your valuables where people who are passing by can’t see them, or close the curtains or blinds. Continuously lock up at whenever you leave, obviously, and keep doors locked when you are home.

Choosing the Best Chainsaw for Your Home

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If you own a home with a garden, owning a chainsaw is very important. You can use it to take care of your plants through pruning and cutting off low hanging and unwanted branches. They help us to keep some of the trees in our compounds in check. In this article, we are going to go through a number of things that should be considered when choosing a chainsaw. There are also very many makes and types of chainsaws, and to make the choice easier for you when buying one, we will also review some echo chainsaws.

Gas-Powered Chainsaws

Gas Chainsaws are made for sawing on a regular basis, and they range from 12 to 24 inches. They take on the hardest jobs that other saws can’t handle. They are, however, much heavier than the other saws and would therefore require more strength. It’s important to go for one that you can handle. You can pick the saws depending on whether you’re a homeowner, farm or rancher, or a professional.

Electric Chainsaws

The electric chainsaw is great for cutting smaller trees and for the occasional user. The motor doesn’t require much maintenance, giving it a plus. There are both corded and cordless.

Pole Saws

This miniature saw with an extendable shaft is the perfect saw for pruning those annoying branches, and low hanging tree limbs. This saw is good and the safest way for reaching those unreachable branches, extending the pole up to 15 feet. They are great for small jobs. There are cordless, electric and gas-powered pole saws.

Choosing the Best Chainsaw for Your Home

Echo Chainsaw Reviews

Echo CS-271T Chainsaw – 12″ Bar, Gas Powered, 26.9cc – Lightweight & easy to handle makes this great for tree work and thinning

Although it can also be fitted with a 14-inch bar, the Echo CS 271T comes with a 12-inch bar and is the excellent saw for light to medium-heavy duty tasks. It comes with a G-Force Engine Air Pre-cleaner so that you don’t spend too much of your time cleaning the filter. The Echo CS 271T comes with a 12-inch bar and chain making it ideal for light to medium-heavy duty cutting. It comes with a chin tensioner on the side, making it easier to adjust the chain quickly. It comes with an i-30 system, promoting a quick start to its 26.9 professional-grade and 2-stroke motor engine. One does not have to worry about excessive oil consumption because the clutch-driven oiler closes automatically. It is light, and coming with a top handle, can be used comfortably with one hand.


  • Powerful
  • Lightweight and nimble
  • Top handle design
  • Well-balanced design
  • Compact design
  • Will also accommodate a 14″ bar
  • Comes with a good warranty


  • Premium quality means a premium price
  • This particular model is not for heavy duty work although the larger bar would potentially allow that

Echo CS-310 Chainsaw – 14″ Bar, Gas Powered, 30.5cc – A quick and efficient lightweight animal

The Echo Chainsaw CS-310 comes powered by a 32.6cc engine and carries a 14-inch bar for a smooth and stable performance of light to mid duty tasks. These tasks include pruning, trimming and even clearing the bushes. A G-Force Engine Air Pre-cleaner protects the air filter from bits of wood debris. It also comes with a chain tensioner on the side for quick adjustment of the chain.


  • Lightweight at only 8.1lb
  • Good balance in use, you always feel in control
  • Reliable starter, always starts within 3 pulls
  • Includes a quality Oregon 14″ Bar
  • A near professional unit perfect for home use
  • Cuts through 6-8″ branches with ease and can also cope with larger
  • Ready to go out of the box just add gas and oil


  • Not great for heavy duty work

Echo CS-352 Chainsaw – 14″ Bar, Gas Powered – Easy to start and to use

This chainsaw is available in bith 14-inch bar and 16-inch bar variation, although the 14-inch version is the most popular for small tasks around the property. It has a tensioner on the side to quickly adjust the chain, and the i-30 quick start ensures that the machine starts easily. Even a slow pull will start this unit thanks to the secondary spring which aids turning the engine over. This machine features an anti-vibration handle for better comfort and control and an easily accessible air filter.


  • Easy to start even with a slow pull thanks to the i-30 quick start system
  • Reasonably lightweight at 8.8lb
  • Available in 14 or 16″ bar versions
  • Anti-vibration handle reduces user fatigue


  • Could use a longer lasting chain

Echo CS-400 18″ Chainsaw – A good starter but the fuel ratio’s need to be spot on

This chainsaw comes with a 16-inch and 18-inch bar length variation. An adjustable oiler, G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner and automotive air filter that are heavy duty and greatly accessible for excellent air filtration are some of the features that it comes with. It features a powerful 40.2cc, 2 stroke engine that does work effortlessly. Coming with an i-30 starting system, this machine is easy to start as you do the pruning tasks that it is popular for. Please note that there have been reports of this chainsaw seizing. This is most likely due to wrong fuel ratio when mixing. It is also advisable to let the machine idle for 10-15 minutes before using it.


  • Powerful
  • Easy to start with the i-30 system
  • Lightweight at just over 10lbs
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Includes engine oil


  • Important to get the fuel mix right
  • Some reports of this saw seizing

Echo CS-590 Chainsaw 20″ Bar – The most powerful and our pick of the bunch

The 59.8 cc professional-grade 2 stroke model is the most powerful of all the engines that we have reviewed. It comes with an 18-inch or 20-inch bar length, great for medium to heavy duty cutting. It comes with a Kick Guard attachment at the tip of the bar for safety reasons, and a chain brake to stop the chain should a kickback occur.


  • Given the coveted Handyman seal of approval
  • Very powerful
  • Translucent gas tank to easily see fuel level
  • Does not easily overheat
  • Fantastic vibration control
  • Easy to access air and pre-air filter with no tools required
  • Adjustable auto chain oiling
  • Chain brake to stop rotation should kickback occur
  • Owner’s manuals with lots of detail and advice about maintenance and use


  • Expensive but you get what you pay for and it comes with a great warranty
  • A few customers report starting problems


If you’re looking for a chainsaw for your home, see these detailed Echo chainsaw reviews and you’ll be sure to find one that suits the needs of your property.

Home Upgrades You Can Do To Help Manage Diabetes Better

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Diabetes has a huge effect on your life, especially if you don’t take care of your personal health good enough.  Living with diabetes brings forth a lot of challenges.  Just like the lifestyles of those that become physically disabled changes, so does your lifestyle.  People with physical disabilities often transform their homes so they can live with their disabilities much easier.  So why aren’t you transforming your home so you can manage diabetes better? Diabetes is incurable and something you will constantly have to manage for the rest of your life.  Upgrading your home accordingly will help you live a much healthier lifestyle for a long time to come and will help family members prevent this condition altogether when they adopt a healthy lifestyle right from the start.

Find out what lifestyle changes will be best

The first thing you need to do is identify what lifestyle changes are needed for you to become healthier and to manage your diabetes better.  True Health Diagnostics is one of the best medical organizations that you can contact regarding your chronic condition because they specialize in chronic diagnosis and treatments.  When you consult True Health Diagnostics they will help you diagnose your exact type of diabetes, they will prescribe the right medication for your condition and, most importantly, they will help you identify the type of workout and diet program that you need to start following to help manage your condition better.

Home Upgrades You Can Do To Help Manage Diabetes Better

Transform your home according to your diagnosis

Once you know exactly what lifestyle changes are needed to manage diabetes, it is time to start upgrading your home so you will be able to manage your condition much easier.  The top home improvements you can make to help you manage diabetes better includes the following;

Get the right garden – Herbs like bitter ground, cinnamon, fenugreek and fruits like Indian gooseberry, black berry and mango leaves are used in natural remedies that can help you manage your condition better with more natural products.

Get a home gym – A dedicated home gym makes it much easier for you to stay healthy because you can work out at times that suit your lifestyle.  Home gyms can be used by the entire family and can be customized to suit your medical condition.  Diabetes sufferers, for example, need fitness equipment that can provide a good cardiovascular exercise so they can keep their weight intact and manage insulin better.  Look for workout gear like a workout bike or treadmill when you are building your home gym.

Create a mini health corner – Create yourself a cozy area where you can monitor your health regularly.  You can include cozy seating, a scale, logging book, blood sugar testing equipment and your medications in your mini medical corner which will help you keep an eye on your health much better.  With good logging of your medications, weight and blood sugar test results you can easily establish if your workout program and diet is benefiting you or if further changes are needed to your program.

Easy Ways You Can Improve on Your Kitchen

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How many times have you become inspired because of the kitchen that you have seen in a television show or in a movie? You wish that you can have the same kitchen but it might cost quite a bit of money. You have to consider a lot of things when you want to make some improvements to your kitchen such as the following:

  • Layout
  • Small Details
  • Materials Used

If you would use high quality materials, you can expect that the price of your kitchen renovation will cost a lot of money. Do not worry though because there are simple things you can do to your kitchen that will not require you to spend a lot of money.

Easy Ways You Can Improve on Your Kitchen

  1. Change your small appliances.

When was the last time that you have upgraded your coffee machine? Take a look at the espresso machines at Ecokarma. You will surely find something that you would like to use every morning. The different coffee machines also come in various designs. For sure, you will have a lot of selections available.

  1. Pay attention to your kitchen’s lighting.

If the lighting that you have in your kitchen is dim, you can expect that you will not enjoy cooking there especially in the evenings. You may think that you are going to shell out a large amount of money just to fix your lighting fixture but this is not true at all. You do not have to spend too much. It is also great there are so many available lights now that will truly change the appearance of your kitchen.

  1. Place a rug in your kitchen.

You may not see the point of having a rug unless you spill water on your floor and you do not want to get your mop in order to dry it out anymore but having a rug can also add to your kitchen’s overall appeal. This can also be helpful if you use cheap tiles or laminate floors on your kitchen. The rug can make your kitchen look more expensive. The best thing: you did not spend a lot of money for it.

  1. Replace your faucet (or maybe even your sink)

When was the last time that you have paid attention to your sink? If you have the budget for it, you can change your whole sink but if not, you can change your faucet. You will be surprised with the difference that it can make to your kitchen. At the same time, you can wash your dishes with ease too if you do not have a dishwasher.

  1. Add more storage space to your kitchen.

If you already have overhead cabinets, perhaps these things are not enough for you to keep all of your things. You want to make sure that everything looks organized and clean and this will not be possible without proper storage space. Make sure that your storage space matches well with the rest of your kitchen’s theme too.

With all of these ideas, you can transform your kitchen into a kitchen you want to cook in often. What upgrade are you planning to do first?

How to Keep Your Home Looking Clean

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No one would like to come home to a dirty and unorganized looking home. Yet there are moments when you neglect paying attention to your home’s cleanliness because you are too busy doing other things.

It does not mean that just because you are busy, you are going to forget about organizing various parts of your home. It does not matter whether the design of your home is the latest or you have hired a well-known interior designer just to make the home as elegant as possible. If your home looks dirty, it will not matter anymore.

Having a cleaning routine will be great although you have to admit that you cannot clean often. If you are only going to clean about 2x or 3x a week, what you can do instead is make sure that you will follow a routine. You also have to be prepared because in between cleaning days, you may have to do emergency cleaning if you have children and/or pets.

How to Keep Your Home Looking Clean

In between those cleaning days, here are some of the simple things you can do so you can keep your home looking clean and organized:

  1. Make Your Bed

You do know how your whole room transforms when you have made up your bed, right? In fact, there may be some minimal clutter around your room but they will not be too evident as long as you make your bed. To make it easier for you and your kids, you can keep the beddings simple enough so that they can be tucked in easily. Elaborate beddings may be harder to organize. If you are running out of time, you can tuck in your comforter near the pillows. It will make your bed look fixed even if underneath, it is not.

  1. If you take out something, learn to put it back

Did you read a book? Make sure that you will return the book on its usual spot at the bookshelf. This will make sure that you will reduce the clutter. If you would read every day and just leave the books at random spots, you have more things to clean when you decide to do some cleaning. You can teach your children this rule too. For sure, you will have less toys to clean and less possibility of stepping on clutter.

  1. Do not forego your mail

If you live in a household wherein mail arrives everyday then you have to make sure that you will deal with it everyday too. If there are some flyers that are just causing some clutter around your home, dispose of them properly. If there are some bills that need to be paid, then deal with these bills immediately. This will let where your mail is usually placed, free of unnecessary papers.

  1. Wipe your counters

You may think that out of all the things that you have read so far, this is the easiest but this is always easier said than done. You need to make some effort into cleaning your counters and making sure that you will not spill things on it. Some spills are harder to clean than others too.

  1. Vacuum when necessary

Vacuuming will be very helpful especially when you are trying to get rid of dust in some parts of your home. There are different vacuums available though. If you are having trouble choosing, check out Dyson vs. Shark. For sure, this will give you an idea which one you should pick.

With all of these details in mind, keeping your home organized will be easier in between cleaning days. Do not forget to clean dishes too.

Compact Adventure Gear That Won’t Take Much Space in Your Home

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Space and storage in a home is always an issue.  You can have the biggest, most luxurious home in the world and still struggle with finding sufficient space and places for all of the things you buy.  Too much stuff in your home can easily make your home look messy especially if the stuff is non-home related items like adventure gear, luggage or outdoor gear.  To overcome this obstacle you have one of three choices; One – Stop buying stuff, which is unlikely to happen because without gear your life can be a bit dull and renting gear isn’t always an option for your travels.  Two – Build extra storage space in your home.  Or Three – Choose compact adventure gear that is easy to store away.  I think that we can agree that the third option is probably the best one since compact gear makes traveling and transportation easier as well.

Choose multi-purpose adventure gear

While you are choosing adventure gear that is compact and easy to store away you should also be careful to choose adventure gear with multiple purposes.  The more you can do with one single piece of gear, the more money and space you will be saving up in your home since there is less need for more items.

Go for inflatable of foldable if you can

Choose adventure gear that is either inflatable or foldable so you can store it away easily in an attic space, garage or even a closet.

Compact Adventure Gear That Won’t Take Much Space in Your Home

The top adventure gear to get

So what adventure gear can you get that will make life a lot more fun without taking up too much space in your home?  Well, here is a list of items that you can definitely consider for your home;

Inflatable sup – Sups or Paddle boards is a must for adventurists with small homes or limited space.  These inflatable sups deflates quickly and folds away in a small bag that you can easily carry or easily store away in your closet.   The paddle boards are also incredibly diverse since you can enjoy a lot of great adventures on them such as paddling, racing, river rafting, paddle surfing, fishing and much more.  Check out ISUP reviews to find out what to look for when you are shopping for a high quality sup and to get access to a list of the top sups that are currently for sale.

Inflatable kayak – The kayaks are almost like a sup but only a bit safer for rough waters and adventures like river rafting and fishing.

Inflatable boat – Love boats but hate a large and chunky boat on a big trailer that takes up all of your garage space?  Well, then an inflatable boat is a must.  They are easy to store away, functional, diverse and they are incredibly resilient against punctures.

Compact camping supplies – If you aren’t familiar with foldable camping gear then you seriously need to learn to be more adventurous.  The compact tents, foldable camping chairs, sleep sacks and compact backpacks are glorious for traveling and should also be part of your easy to store adventure gear in your home.

How to Sell Your Home Effectively

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There are different reasons why you are selling your home. You may want to live in an entirely different town, state or even country. You may be selling your home because you want to upgrade. You need to sell it to buy something better. No matter what your reason is, you have to sell it well and immediately especially if you plan to use the money at the soonest possible time.

How to Sell Your Home Effectively

In order to have a home that will sell well, you should do the following tips:

  1. Hire the right real estate agent. There are a lot of real estate agents that you can pick out but finding the right one will entail a bit of effort. Some of the real estate agents have not gone through formal education before trying to sell homes. Some have not undergone training too. Yet, there are some who are naturally good at what they do. It is always best to read the reviews first and for sure, you will find out who among them are the ones that you should hire.
  2. Advertise your home through various means. Even though your real estate agent is already selling your home, you may want to do your own way of advertising. Perhaps you can try advertising your home through your social media site. You can also join some groups that are also posting pictures of their home. You are widening your reach when you do this and you are increasing the chances of your home being seen.
  3. Take photos and videos of your home. It may be tempting to just post random photos of your home without having to pick the best angles but some people can decide which homes to check based on the photos alone. If they see that the home looks amazing through pictures, they would want to see it in person. If you do not have a budget to hire a photographer, you can always take pictures on your own provided that you have your own accessories. You can check out the best travel tripod 2017. Not only will this be useful for you when you take photos of your home, you can also use it for your next traveling adventures. These are the latest tripods too with features that you will surely like.
  4. Do not underestimate the power of connections. There are going to be different people that you will form connections with along the way. The more connections that you have, the better your chances of people spreading the word about your home. This means that you may be able to sell it more effectively too.
  5. Repair what needs to be repaired. Are there some portions of your home that need to be changed? You may need to install a few things on some parts of your home to make it more appealing. Aside from the overall appeal, you can expect your home’s value to increase too.

Can you still think of other effective ways for you to sell your home in an effective manner? Feel free to share your thoughts because other home owners who aspire to sell their homes immediately would like to hear your suggestions too.

Tips for Transforming Your Basement into a Kid’s Play Area

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Most people only use their basements for storage purposes.  Your basement can be utilized for so much more than that.  There are plenty of glorious ideas to make basements completely livable and incredibly fun these days.  You can create gorgeous bedrooms, fantastic home gyms or a TV room in your basement.  But one of the best things you can do with your basement is probably to create a kids play area because that way you can create a secure place for your children to play and learn even when they are ill and they can have a blast with all their toys without messing up the rest of the house.

Tips for Transforming Your Basement into a Kid’s Play Area

A dehumidifier the biggest key player

The biggest reason why you are reluctant to use your basement as a kiddies play area is probably because of the dampness.  The basement has no windows which results in a lot of moisture buildup which causes paint to peel and mold to grow in these areas.  This dampness is also unhealthy to children.  A dehumidifier will solve all of these problems for you in an instant because these units are perfect for removing excessive moisture and fog from the air.  The dehumidifier will keep your paint from peeling or distressing due to moisture and your children will be much healthier since dehumidifiers also purify the air and reduce bad odors.  For the best kiddies play area you definitely need to invest in the best dehumidifier for basements.

Go for light colored paint

Basements are often dark and scary which is exactly why you need to go as light as possible.  White or cream colored walls will help lighten up the room and you can even add a shocking bright colored wall to create a happy vibe in the basement.

Add plenty of lights

Plenty of lighting is important in your basement or your children will be reluctant to play there.  With enough light your basement will seem like any other room in the house.

Build in some storage shelves

Children’s toys can easily make a home seem messy.  You need to make provision for plenty of toys in your play room right from the start.  Try adding lots of shelves and even cupboards to your basement so children can learn to tidy up after themselves and so your play room will still look organized and fun to enjoy.  Shelves are also great for storing all of your children’s books, DVD’s and other expensive valuables that you don’t want lying around.

Invest in fun kid’s toys and accessories

Next up is the fun part.  Go shopping for children’s toys, add a few educational carpets and road carpets as well as seating and a few play houses, doll houses or even indoor jungle gyms and you have the perfect play area that your children will absolutely love to spend time in.  It is also important to create a quiet area where your child can relax on a soft cushion for reading or for a nap.