7 Things Cat Owners Simply Must Have For Simple Living

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Cats are amazing creatures.  In the 4000 years since cats were domesticated, they have played a very important role in society.  They were once worshipped by Egyptians along with other gods and goddesses, they were commonly used in plenty of civilizations to control vermin or pests and today they are some of the most sought after companions in family homes.

With more than 2 million cat videos on YouTube and more than 25 billion video views, there can be no question about it; cats are interesting.  They are funny, cuddly, soft, cute and such great companions in a home.

But cats aren’t always that great.  These furry little cuties do have a lot of maintenance, especially when it comes to maintaining a clean home.  Here are 7 things that every cat owner simply must have to make life with a cat a lot easier, cozier and cleaner.

7 Things Cat Owners Simply Must Have For Simple Living
7 Things Cat Owners Simply Must Have For Simple Living

Self-cleaning litter box

Any cat owner will tell you that this is the best invention since sliced bread.  There is nothing fouler than cleaning out your beloved cat’s litter box and the toxic smell of kitty waste has a way to linger in your home if it isn’t cleaned out quickly enough.  An automatic litter box is the one thing that every cat owner definitely need.  They might be expensive but they are definitely worth every penny if you can keep the cat urine smell out of your house.  Check out these ModKat litterbox reviews to learn more about these revolutionary litter robots.

Pet hair vacuum cleaner

Cat hair is going to be an issue unless you invest in a Sphynx.  With a pet hair vacuum cleaner, you can easily suck up those soft and tiny hairs from upholstery and carpets so your home and clothes will stay hair free.

Automatic cat feeders

Automatic cat feeders are also glorious, especially if your cat has a tendency to overindulge in food.  These feeders enable owners to feed their cats at scheduled times.  Some pet feeders can be operated via smartphone which enables you to feed your cat even if you are not at home or even if you are on holiday.  You can also use your pet feeder’s video streaming to check in on your beloved kitty to make sure that he or she is still healthy and happy.

Cat jungle gym

Cat jungle gyms will keep your cat busy and these gyms provide kitty cat with a great place to nap.  A cat jungle gym will also keep your furry friend from scratching up the furniture and from climbing out the curtains because these gyms usually include plenty of places to scratch and climb.

Cat bed

Most cats sleep in all sorts of different locations.  But a kitty bed can still be quite handy.  Get a cozy covered up cat bed for winter times so your cat will stay healthy and warm.


Cat toys are great for keeping your cat busy.  Look for fun toys and especially cat toys that contain a bit of catnip.

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