Building the Perfect Deck

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Your home is your place of refuge. It’s where you go to reinvigorate and renew for each new moment in the daily grind. As such, it should have a number of potential retreats for your rest and relaxation. One such place of renewal is the deck. And if your house is currently without one, here are some helpful tips to establishing the prefect deck on your grounds.

Before we move into that though, let’s consider a couple of reasons you might like a deck. One, of course, is the ability to be able to lay out under the gorgeous daytime sun and soak in the rays while you read your favorite novel, The Healer. However, decks have value at night too. A wide open deck can open up your chances of photographing the Milky Way. Which will create incredible and long lasting memories?

Building the Perfect Deck

So, now that you understand the value of building an open deck on your property, it’s time to learn the specifics about building it:

  • Fasteners- A big mistake people make when determining to begin building a deck is trying to do so with cheap screws. These will corrode and shorten the life of your platform. Choose coated or stainless steel screws instead of their cheaper galvanized versions. Learn more about fasteners here.
  • Materials- You won’t believe the number of options you have when it comes to choosing which material to utilize in the construction of your star gazing, book reading, and deck. Previously, people just bought pressure treated wood and called it a day. But if you’re looking at this as an investment you should consider ipe, jarrah, or another hardwood. You could also look into options in the synthetic and composite arenas.
  • Levels- Multilevel decks offer a variety of entertaining space. And you can always add covered areas for shade. Breaking up the space can create a warmth that a single level, wide open space, might not be able to as readily portray.
  • Railings- You don’t have to stick to wood railings. The options here are as vast as they are when it comes to building the base of your deck. Choosing to use cabling, vinyl, glass, or composite railings can add incredible ambiance to your deck assemblage. Check out these unique railing designs.
  • Open View- Some decks don’t require railings if they don’t exceed a certain height. You’ll need to check with coding in your area to determine if installing railings is a requirement for your new deck addition. If not, you can feel free to leave wide open spaces for your unencumbered pleasure.
  • Colors- A lot of people neglect to consider this option when installing a deck. It doesn’t have to be the standard brown of the wood or composite materials you choose to utilize. You can be wild and funky, or paint the deck to match the exterior of your house creating an extension of your living space.
  • Geometry- Decks don’t have to adhere to a hard and fast square or rectangular design. You can add curves or angles. Although this might incur a longer period of work, the uniqueness of the layout will certainly create a number of interesting conversations. For some strange deck layouts click this.

Once you’ve determined how you want to layout your deck, and what materials you want to use, you are well onto the next step: building it. Then, when you’ve achieved that greatness, you’ll be well prepared to take pictures of the stars and enjoy a great novel.

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