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How Can You Make Your Home Safe for A Pet?

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When you have a pet, he can be anywhere in the home, but not all the places in there can be pet-friendly. The animal can reach the stuff that is not really safe and can risk his life. When you make a pet your companion, you ensure to get him everything that makes his life fulfilling. Nevertheless, how would it sound for you if the pet gets into a trash where you tossed an old razor? He may get cuts all over his body.

Thus, you should look for the items that can lay a bad trip on your pet and keep them somewhere out of his access.  Following are some threats that you need to take care of.

How Can You Make Your Home Safe for A Pet?

The Household Hazards:

There are some things of daily use that we keep around, but we need to store them somewhere inaccessible to pets. These things can be detergents, household cleaners, rat traps and poisons, insecticides, batteries, fertilizers and plant food, et cetera.

Food Safety:

You cannot pass any type of food to your pet when sitting at your dining table. Some food stuff can cause severe sickness and lead to death. These food items may include avocados, onions, leeks, chives, any food with artificial sweetener, chew gum candy, et cetera. Likewise, it depends on which animal is your companion. Beware of any meal that can make you visit vent.


It is quite impractical to keep the garbage clear of harmful stuff for the animal. The best remedy for this is replacing your trash bins with ones with lids and store them behind a pantry or cabinet door.

Cabinets in the Kitchen:

Cabinets in the kitchen hold the items like breakable glass, dishes, and sharp utensils. Though these cannot be easily opened, you should not doubt the smartness of an animal. Your concerns are needed here as well. The best solution for it is to install simple child locks.

Electrical Cords:

Dogs have that capability to chew the things, and he can get a nasty jolt of electricity if he gets his mouth to an electrical cable. Keep the strings off the ground and tape them to the wall.

Choking Hazards:

Some stuff seems really harmless but the danger it put in can be severe. Jewellery, pens, batteries, and paper clips can become a choking risk for your pet if he chews on them. Store these things high up on the shelves or in the closet or in the sealed boxes that cannot easily be opened.

Tall Furniture:

It is fun for the small pets to jump around and play. There are chances that they attempt to climb the tall pieces of furniture where they can quickly fall. That could result in injuries. Make their way easy by building steps near tall pieces.

Build A Fence:

After considering the indoor safety measures, now you need to mull over the outdoor harms your pet can meet. One of them is your pet jumping out of your backyard in the street and get hit by a car. Solution to this is marking the area with a fence that your dog should not cross.

We are not talking about traditional in-ground fences. Go advance and look for the best fence options of the invisible ones that can be wireless or in-ground. Both of them has their own pros and cons. These fences are battery operated and easy to install. Ensure to read the reviews about best wireless fences for a dog in 2017 before getting your hands on it.

Make sure that the option you are picking fulfills your purpose. If you are still confused, you should explore invisible fence brand reviews to know everything about these invisible fences. The website can assist you further in this regard and can make your buying decision stress-free.

Three Accessories That Will Add Life to Your Living Room

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In a house, a living room is a space for relaxing, however, since modern houses nowadays don’t have a separate drawing room, the living area serves the purpose of socializing and entertaining the guests as well. The living room is a place in your house where you can unwind, and have a nice time after a long day at work. Hence it is also known as the lounge room. We believe the interior of a house represents the people residing inside it. If your house has eye-popping colors, it gives the impression that you have a bubbly and warm personality. However, if it’s painted with hues of gray, you come off as a perfectionist.

Three Accessories That Will Add Life to Your Living Room

It doesn’t matter if you have bright or minimalistic colors, a living room will look boring if it lacks in accessories. If you have an empty or dull living room, it makes you look like a slacker. Here are the three things that can add life to your living room and make it chic:

  • Comfy Rug(s):

Rugs are said to be the heart of a living room because it changes the atmosphere of the whole space. Remember, just a couch, and a coffee table does not make a living room. Instead, you need to adorn it with few things to make it appear welcoming, and rugs are the best way to do it. A soft and plush rug will make you feel cozy as soon as you put your feet on it. Plus, it gives the room a homey touch.

Rugs are multipurpose and can serve as a makeshift sitting area. Since the living room is the most lived-in area of your house, it should give people more options to sit. You can throw some patterned floor pillows on your rug to make it a comfortable place to sit.

  • Floor Lamps and Wall Sconces:

People often make the mistake of having indecent lighting in their house. Overhead lights should not be the only source of illumination in your room. A good house should have a mixture of several light sources. For this purpose, floor lamps and wall sconces are the two must haves. You do not need to splurge a fortune to get good lamps; there are several fine quality cheap floor lamps available. Moreover, you can get a guideline about how to choose the best floor lamps.

Wall sconces and floor lamps serve two purposes: they make the room brighter and give the room a voguish feel. Make sure that your wall sconces go along with your living room’s vibe. You cannot have Victorian wall sconces in a minimalistic style living room.

  • Étagère:

It is a French set of open shelves for displaying artworks and ornaments. You can hang or stand it up on an empty wall of your living room. Instead of placing things here and there you can put them on the shelves so that it will look pleasant and orderly at the same time. Étagère, with its sleek design, don’t occupy much space and gives the room a modern look. You can decorate it with LED string lights to make it attractive. Here is a list of things you can place on your Étagère:

  • Family Photographs
  • Miniature plants (such as Aloe Vera or Cactus)
  • Artificial or live flowers
  • Vases of varying sizes and shapes
  • Mason jars filled with different stuff (like marbles)
  • Books and magazines
  • Porcelain showpieces
  • A clock
  • Vintage teacups and patterned plates
  • Keepsakes from your previous travels

Don’t forget to leave some space on your shelf. You don’t want to overload it with artifacts because it will end up looking like a mess. Interior designers recommend placing a variety of things on your shelf to make it look fascinating. Moreover, whatever you decide to do with your living room should make you feel upright since it is a depiction of who you are and what you like.

Tips for Transforming Your Basement into a Kid’s Play Area

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Most people only use their basements for storage purposes.  Your basement can be utilized for so much more than that.  There are plenty of glorious ideas to make basements completely livable and incredibly fun these days.  You can create gorgeous bedrooms, fantastic home gyms or a TV room in your basement.  But one of the best things you can do with your basement is probably to create a kids play area because that way you can create a secure place for your children to play and learn even when they are ill and they can have a blast with all their toys without messing up the rest of the house.

Tips for Transforming Your Basement into a Kid’s Play Area

A dehumidifier the biggest key player

The biggest reason why you are reluctant to use your basement as a kiddies play area is probably because of the dampness.  The basement has no windows which results in a lot of moisture buildup which causes paint to peel and mold to grow in these areas.  This dampness is also unhealthy to children.  A dehumidifier will solve all of these problems for you in an instant because these units are perfect for removing excessive moisture and fog from the air.  The dehumidifier will keep your paint from peeling or distressing due to moisture and your children will be much healthier since dehumidifiers also purify the air and reduce bad odors.  For the best kiddies play area you definitely need to invest in the best dehumidifier for basements.

Go for light colored paint

Basements are often dark and scary which is exactly why you need to go as light as possible.  White or cream colored walls will help lighten up the room and you can even add a shocking bright colored wall to create a happy vibe in the basement.

Add plenty of lights

Plenty of lighting is important in your basement or your children will be reluctant to play there.  With enough light your basement will seem like any other room in the house.

Build in some storage shelves

Children’s toys can easily make a home seem messy.  You need to make provision for plenty of toys in your play room right from the start.  Try adding lots of shelves and even cupboards to your basement so children can learn to tidy up after themselves and so your play room will still look organized and fun to enjoy.  Shelves are also great for storing all of your children’s books, DVD’s and other expensive valuables that you don’t want lying around.

Invest in fun kid’s toys and accessories

Next up is the fun part.  Go shopping for children’s toys, add a few educational carpets and road carpets as well as seating and a few play houses, doll houses or even indoor jungle gyms and you have the perfect play area that your children will absolutely love to spend time in.  It is also important to create a quiet area where your child can relax on a soft cushion for reading or for a nap.

Some Ideas for Displaying Art

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The home that you are living in right now reflects your style and personality. As much as possible, you would like to enhance and improve it the best way that you can. You may have focused a lot of your attention on the furniture that you are going to use as well as the different designs that you want that you have forgotten your walls. Take a good look at your bare walls. Do you want them to stay bare forever? Your answer is probably no.

With the use of the right artwork, you can make a room more appealing. You can give any room of your home have its own personality. Art work does not necessarily have to be an oil painting. It can be a photograph that you have taken before. You used a camera that you purchased from 42nd Street Photo. It is normal to aspire for the right camera that you can use to take pictures of your surroundings and the people that you love the most. The moment that you have the right photos, you just want to display them.

Some Ideas for Displaying Art

In order to incorporate the pictures that you have taken into the rest of your artwork, here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure that you have a mixture of paintings, photographs and sculptures. It will be ideal if you can have different ones from your different travels in order to add variety to an otherwise plain wall.
  2. Get to know the space of the wall that you would have to fill up. If you would have to fill up a big amount of space, you need a big artwork for that. If you want, you can also choose to have various paintings and photographs concentrated on one space of your wall.
  3. Place the art work at eye level. This will allow you to appreciate it more. At the same time, the artwork can be the centerpiece of the whole room. Your concept of eye level may differ depending on whether you would like it to be leveled when you are sitting down or standing up.
  4. Choose acrylic frames when it comes to photography. If you would like to use photo art, then acrylic frames will never fail to look good no matter what the concept of your style and design is.
  5. Start investing in great pieces of art that you will always use. You may want to buy a large art piece but this costs too much money. You can invest on smaller pieces instead that will all work well together. Think about the type of art that you want and what you are most interested in. This will allow you to choose better.

If you would like to DIY the art piece that you are going to place at your own home, it will be up to you. You can do this if you want to save but you do not want your walls to look bare. Can you think of other concepts that will help you incorporate art into your home?

Adding a Playroom to Your Home Design

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Most people focus on bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens when they start considering their home designs. However, many modern day bedrooms are simply too small to allow kids the ability to play with all the toys they accumulate. Of course, we could stop spoiling our children and only give them those things that will fit in their bedrooms, but most of us won’t do that. So, it is time to consider adding a playroom to your home design.

If you are in your 40s, or are even older, then you certainly recall having to “play in your room.” You weren’t allowed to bring your toys out of your room because that’s “where they belong.” Now, our children think they own the whole house running around with their Legos and Hot Wheels (yep, they still have those toys). Convincing them to keep their toys in their rooms seems like a losing battle. So, it’s time we confined their toys to a playroom to keep some semblance of order in the rest of the house.

Adding a Playroom to Your Home Design

Playroom Design Tips

Because the idea of playrooms among the general populace is pretty new, you will probably need some serious help considering how to design yours. You will want to include somewhere the kids can enjoy cartoons by Stephen Collins, or some other well-known comedic illustrator. So, be sure that you add a TV somewhere in the room. That will help keep the kids contained too. Aside from that, here are some additional tips:

  • Focus on Layout– The size of the room, and the number of children that will share the space, needs to be carefully considered as you plan what to include within the room. Learn more.
  • Table Space– Kids will need plenty of space to get creative. So, make sure to include tables on which the kids can draw, paint, and build (Legos or blocks).
  • Add Seating– This is especially important if you intend to include a TV in the room. You will want your kids to have comfortable seating that is appropriate for children their size.
  • Storage is Essential– Let’s face it, your kids have way too many toys. They definitely have far more than they could ever play with and therefore it is essential that whatever space becomes the playroom is replete with storage opportunities. Shelving units and baskets make great inclusions in your storage endeavors. Large books shelves are useful too.
  • Imagination– Creating a space that embraces imagination will be key to initiating that process in your children. It is unfortunate, but the world has lost some of its wonder and awe due to an excessive exposure to technology. So, where possible, create an atmosphere that will inspire the children to go on an adventure, add props. Seriously, consider including trees, hanging orbs, playhouses, chalkboard walls, etc. Click this for other great ideas.

Designing the playroom of your children’s dreams doesn’t have to adhere to any set format or style. You can feel free to get just as creative in its design and layout as you want your kids to get while they are in there. Experiment with door shapes and crazy colors. Don’t worry about matching if you feel that the kids will be better suited for eclectic creativity. If you need some additional advice on creating the perfect playroom read this.

Home improvements that increase your investment

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Some of us buy our homes with the idea to live in them forever and possibly leave it as a gift to our children one day when they are grown up however most individuals nowadays buy properties with an investment in mind. It is a lucrative method to make a return on your purchase and some home owners make double the profit on the resale of their property. It is however necessary to maintain your home and keep it in excellent order for you to actually experience a lucrative investment. You can obviously add value to your property by building additional rooms on. This is rather pricey sometimes and for some not necessary as they have more than enough space and enjoy the extra space in their garden or backyard more.  There are a few improvements you can do to your home that will increase the value and make your return even better. You will get to enjoy the beauty of your new and improved home and see the benefit when you decide to sell later in life.  Here are a few examples that might give you an idea of where to start if you are thinking of renovating.

Home improvements that increase your investment

Bathroom renovations

Keeping the same old bath and toilet in your home and then reselling it will not guarantee you an increase in resale value. If you invest in bathroom renovations by perhaps installing a new bathtub, basin and toilet you will most definitely see the difference in return. It is noted that houses without showers get make less of a profit when they decide to sell. If you don’t have a shower but you have the space, install one and if you don’t have the space get a shower and tub combination. Click here for some great bathroom renovation ideas.

Kitchen renovations

Renovating a kitchen is fun but can end up costing you quite a bit. In this regard you should keep within a budget that you set before starting the renovation. A beautiful kitchen will make all the difference for some buyers and it might get you the fetching price that you are looking for. Take time to plan your renovation accordingly to make sure you decide on all the right changes because it is not a task you would want to take on every year. It should last a while and it should be attractive to you. Click here for some great kitchen renovation ideas.

Floor renovations

If you decide to install hardwood floors in your home you can almost guarantee yourself a huge profit. It is one of the most attractive designs when it comes to flooring and can get you more interest than you thought possible. You should take the time to maintain and clean your hardwood floors correctly seeing that you would want them to stay in their beautiful and elegant state. Note that you can look at engineered hardwood vs solid hardwood to save a bit on the cost and get exactly the same effect.

The Perfect Closet

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You have worked really hard to save the money necessary to provide the down payment for your beautiful new home. You have selected the builder and provided him with the basic square footage and room count. You know what you want and you have every intention of designing this home to meet those specifications. And, you will have the perfect closet. That’s on the top of the list with the kitchen and bathrooms.

So, you’re doing a little studying on closets and designing one that will fit your personal needs. You want to make sure there are built in storage areas to hold your husband’s athletic wear. His compression shirts, socks, and pants all need to be kept separate from your nicer attire. In fact, in an ideal design world, he would have his own closet!

The Perfect Closet

Closets are Important

Some people consider closets to be little more than a few shelves and a pole to hang some clothes on. That’s why so many houses come with poorly designed closet spaces. The truth is, if you don’t plan closet storage adequately they will quite readily turn into miniature junk rooms and the overflow space for all the stuff that won’t fit in your garage (garage organization help can be found here).

Closets are important. They need to be organized and spaced appropriately to keep your clothes and accessories in tip top shape. There’s no reason to spend inordinate amounts of time ironing, or mega-bucks at the dry cleaner, if you’re going to have to wedge your work clothes in between your husband’s athletic wear. If you want to really know why closets are valuable read this.

Things to Consider

When you are sitting down to discuss the closet design with your builder, you want to make sure you have considered the following things:

  • Vertical Space- Higher shelves provide excellent spots for boxes containing your seasonal wear.
  • Lighting- There are actually rules to lighting so make sure you do your research.
  • Ventilation- You can use an exhaust fan or a heating/cooling vent, but you want to make sure there’s one in there to get rid of moisture.
  • Mirrors- Mirrors inside the closet are more for convenience than anything else. Who wants to travel to another area every time she’s trying something on?
  • Vanities- If you’ve got the space and you somehow managed to convince your husband to build his own closet, this is a luxury item you definitely want!
  • Cabinetry- Picking out the cabinets that best suit your needs can be a challenge, so make sure to look at all the options before making a rash decision.
  • Color- There are no definitive closet color rules, but the lighter the color the more spacious your closet will appear. Think about light greys and blues, beige, or white.

Design Specifics

While we have certainly provided you with a good number of closet options and design ideas to consider, there are some specific things to be mindful of as well. For instance, you should determine the rod length prior to designing your closet space.

There is a general rule to follow that says that each person will need at least 48” of rod space. Of course, you can always add more, but be sure to include that area in your overall layout and design. You don’t want to get so excited about cabinets and vanities that you forget you need somewhere to hang your attire. For additional design specifics, read this.

Ways to Do Home Repairs without Spending Too Much

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Even if you love your home, the time will come when you need to do some renovations in order to maintain it. The scale of the renovations that you are going to do will change depending on what you want to achieve. There are some home renovations that will not require you to spend too much. Of course, there are some repairs that you cannot do on your own. You need to hire professional workers to do it for you.

Hiring some professional workers can be complicated especially if you did not make a lot of effort into researching about the company that you are going to hire. Make sure that you will hire a company that makes sure that all of their workers have worker’s insurance so that if anything happens while they are doing some repairs at your own home, you do not have to pay for anything because it will be the responsibility of the company to give them proper medical compensation. If you want to know more about this, you can check out Robert Theofanis.

Ways to Do Home Repairs without Spending Too Much

Once you have already chosen the right company that will be in charge of your home repairs, here are some of the things that you can do at your home:

  • Paint – You know that you should paint some portions of your home especially if the paint is already peeling off or the wall does not look as good as you want it to be. Painting your home can be done by professionals but if you want to save and you know the proper ways to paint, then you can do it on your own. There are some factors that may affect the price that you have to pay for like the color of the paint that you are going to purchase, the amount of space that you are going to paint and if you are going to hire a professional to do it for you.
  • Pay attention to your floor – When was the last time that you have paid attention to your flooring? If you normally clean your floor, then you already know how much effort you need to make into cleaning. Check if you only need to refinish your flooring so you do not have to replace them anymore. In the process, you will save up more money in the long run.
  • Try to improve your fixtures – When was the last time that you have paid attention to your lighting? Do your lights still look amazing? Perhaps they only need to be cleaned a bit or maybe, you have to refurbish them so that their look can fit in with the design that you want for your room.

If in case you are after the design of your home, you can also pay attention to your appliances. If your appliances do not fit the design of your home, you know that this will change your home’s appearance. Paying more attention to detail will help improve your home’s design a lot.

Tips for Finding the Best Long Term Tenants for Your Granny Flat

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Adding a granny flat to your home is one of the best upgrades that you can do for your home.  You can use the granny flat to house guests while they are visiting or use your granny flat for parents who need a temporarily solution while they recover from injuries or surgeries.  A granny flat is also a great solution for when your children are starting to spread their wings by trying to live on their own or your granny flat can be a terrific retirement area for when you are no longer in need of a big house. Your granny flat can also be a terrific source of income if you rent out the granny flat to the public.

Why seek long term tenants

Dealing with new and strange people is always risky because you never know what their habits, likes, dislikes and hobbies are and you never know how they are going to be taking care of your granny flat.  You should especially be careful of strange people while your children are still at a tender age.  The best way to eliminate a lot of risks involved in trusting strange tenants is to seek out long term tenants with whom you can build a long term relationship.

Why you should advertise properly before settling

Most people will try to avoid advertising their granny flats to try and cut back on some of the cost involved in advertising.  But when you are looking for the best you should try to reach the best and the only way to do so is by doing proper advertising. The more tenants you screen the more sure you are of finding the best and most secure tenants for your apartment.

Tips for Finding the Best Long Term Tenants for Your Granny Flat

Why tenant screening is a must

If you are going to be trusting complete strangers into your own yard then it is essential to do your homework on the tenants properly.  Https:// is a website that you simply must check out because at Vertical Rent they will screen all of your possible tenants for you and warn you of any bad signs such as a criminal record, a bad credit record, a history of property destruction and more. By trusting Vertical Rent for your entire tenant screening you will be sure that your tenants will be good law abiding citizens who will take good care of your property and pay you on time.

Why you should enquire about work and housing history

Work history can inform you of the tenant’s tendencies.  If the tenant is constantly shifting from one job to another then you can almost guarantee that he or she won’t be staying there long.  You can also enquire about a reference number for the tenants previous housing because talking with the tenants previous landlord can give you the best information on the type of tenant you are dealing with and will definitely warn you if the tenant is trying to hide something or if he or she has a bad history when it comes to taking care of the property.

Why a Water Softener Should Be Your Next Big Home Upgrade

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Your home is your little haven of comfort where you can relax, be yourself and enjoy family and friends.  You love your home because you can shape it in the way you like and you can improve your home to suit your personal needs.  There are plenty of ways to improve your home so your body and health will be improved.  You can get a home gym so you can work out more often.  You can get rid of your TV set so you will cut back on TV time.  You can get a home tanning salon so you will look terrific at all times.  But the one thing you definitely should consider for your next big home upgrade is a water softener.

Why a Water Softener Should Be Your Next Big Home Upgrade

What is a water softener?

A water softener is a home water purification device that can be added to your home’s water supply.   Most households have hard water which contains a lot of unhealthy sustenance’s such as limestone, chalk, calcium, magnesium and more. These elements are terrible for your health and make home life a lot harder. A water softener removes all of these elements so your tap water will be a lot cleaner, healthier and better for your home. The units vary in size, functionality and brand and you may need to do a bit of research on the units so you can have the best possible system for your home.

Softer water improves your health

Hard water is terrible for your body.  Hard water causes stains on your teeth, dries out your skin and hair and can even lead to hair loss, skin conditions or even skin rashes.  When you drink softer water you eliminate all of these health risks and you save money since you can enjoy tap water for drinking.

Softer water improves your home life

Hard water reacts to soap and leaves terrible marks on glassware, chrome items, tubs, sinks, toilets and can even make your clothes look old and worn.  When you have soft water you cut back on a lot of scrubbing and your home and clothes naturally looks much cleaner. You also save a lot of money with a water softener because you no longer have to struggle with frequent clogging’s in your plumbing and your electric water heating appliances lasts a lot longer since the calcium and calk does not build up in these appliances anymore.

The top water softener currently on the market

The water softener that currently holds the best ratings and functionality on the market is the Nuvo H2O.  This salt free water softener is compact and incredibly easy to install.  When you get this unit you will have better tasting water, you eliminate buildup in appliances and in pipes and the system is incredibly easy to use.

Why the Nuvo H2O is better than all the rest?

The Nuvo H2O is the best salt free system on the market.  The unit is of good quality that is sure to last you a lifetime and the unit cleans water perfectly well so you will have an unlimited supply of soft water in your home.