Compact Adventure Gear That Won’t Take Much Space in Your Home

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Space and storage in a home is always an issue.  You can have the biggest, most luxurious home in the world and still struggle with finding sufficient space and places for all of the things you buy.  Too much stuff in your home can easily make your home look messy especially if the stuff is non-home related items like adventure gear, luggage or outdoor gear.  To overcome this obstacle you have one of three choices; One – Stop buying stuff, which is unlikely to happen because without gear your life can be a bit dull and renting gear isn’t always an option for your travels.  Two – Build extra storage space in your home.  Or Three – Choose compact adventure gear that is easy to store away.  I think that we can agree that the third option is probably the best one since compact gear makes traveling and transportation easier as well.

Choose multi-purpose adventure gear

While you are choosing adventure gear that is compact and easy to store away you should also be careful to choose adventure gear with multiple purposes.  The more you can do with one single piece of gear, the more money and space you will be saving up in your home since there is less need for more items.

Go for inflatable of foldable if you can

Choose adventure gear that is either inflatable or foldable so you can store it away easily in an attic space, garage or even a closet.

Compact Adventure Gear That Won’t Take Much Space in Your Home

The top adventure gear to get

So what adventure gear can you get that will make life a lot more fun without taking up too much space in your home?  Well, here is a list of items that you can definitely consider for your home;

Inflatable sup – Sups or Paddle boards is a must for adventurists with small homes or limited space.  These inflatable sups deflates quickly and folds away in a small bag that you can easily carry or easily store away in your closet.   The paddle boards are also incredibly diverse since you can enjoy a lot of great adventures on them such as paddling, racing, river rafting, paddle surfing, fishing and much more.  Check out ISUP reviews to find out what to look for when you are shopping for a high quality sup and to get access to a list of the top sups that are currently for sale.

Inflatable kayak – The kayaks are almost like a sup but only a bit safer for rough waters and adventures like river rafting and fishing.

Inflatable boat – Love boats but hate a large and chunky boat on a big trailer that takes up all of your garage space?  Well, then an inflatable boat is a must.  They are easy to store away, functional, diverse and they are incredibly resilient against punctures.

Compact camping supplies – If you aren’t familiar with foldable camping gear then you seriously need to learn to be more adventurous.  The compact tents, foldable camping chairs, sleep sacks and compact backpacks are glorious for traveling and should also be part of your easy to store adventure gear in your home.

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