Getting The Best Wood Sander for Your Home

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If you have a wooden floor in your home, at some point you will need a wood sander. There are many wood sanders in the market and in order to get the best you have to know what you are looking for. Most wood sanders are very versatile and serve many functions in the home and owning one will save you a lot of costs that you would have incurred from hiring a professional. As much as a wood sander is not something you will use every day, it is still a worthwhile investment that will give you so much convenience. Since everyone has their own need, some of the factors that you should consider when looking for a belt sander include:

Getting The Best Wood Sander for Your Home


Every sander will come with a belt which varies. As much as all of them are rectangular in shape, they are of different sizes and perimeters. Normally the belt will contain a coarse material which varies in coarseness depending on what you are looking for.

Variable speed

As much as most sanders have not been made with adjustable speeds, there are those that have adjustable speed. The basic sanders that don’t have adjustable speeds are normally most suitable for large jobs that require fast and aggressive sanding. A variable speed however is good for one who is detail oriented and looking for a smooth finish and a fine work detail. That makes it more suitable for small jobs.


Different belt sanders have different powers which are normally determined by its motor. Home handheld models will have a lower power of about 6Amp while commercial models will have more power like 11Amp.


Most sanders will either be portable or stationary. Most commercial models are stationary with the domestic models being mostly portable and handheld. The type of belt sander that is commonly used is the one that is stationary but operates on one big continuous belt. There are some sanders that oscillate as well.

Dust collection

Since belt sanders can be messy and dusty, most belt sanders will have some option for collecting the dust it has created during sanding. Some have their own dust bag for dust collection while for others you will have to clean the dust yourself with a vacuum cleaner.

Size of the belt sander

This is an important consideration since the size of the machine will have an influence on its functionality. Most of the small sized sanders are meant for domestic use with the bigger models mainly meant for commercial use since the large sized machines do the job more quickly. In most cases, most of the large machines may also be large because they have a wood dust collector inside.

When it comes to purchasing a wood sander, there is no right or wrong since what works for one may not work for the other. Therefore you just need to define you needs in order to get the best wood sander for your needs.

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