How to Integrate Motivational Sayings into Your Home

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Your home should be a place that you can relax, recharge, and find the motivation to face your day.  One way to help increase the level of inspiration in your home is to integrate your favorite sayings into the décor.  This can provide you with a daily reminder to help you live your life in your ideal way, while also creating an attractive focal point or highlight within a space.

Whether you prefer to go with a big and bold approach, or would prefer something more subtle or intimate, there is bound to be a way to bring the positive mojo into your space in a way that suits your design aesthetic.  If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some suggestions to get you on your way.

How to Integrate Motivational Sayings into Your Home

Finding Your Inspiration

If you are looking for the perfect saying to add to your home, there are a variety of sources to consider.  You may find your ideal phrase in a written work, such as a piece from Karen Salmansohn or Deepak Chopra.  Some people find song lyrics that speak to them in a meaningful way.  Others may choose quotes from historical figures, famous world leaders, or mindful celebrities.

Regardless of the source, it is important that the idea speaks to you in a personal way.

Subtle Expressions

If you are looking for a discrete way to add the saying to your décor, consider starting small.  A simple framed 8 by 10 inch print can achieve a wonderful effect.  You can print it in bright colors, or use an embellished frame, to increase the energy level of the piece, or work in neutrals to keep it subtle.

Other simple options that can be easy to add to your home can include throw pillows, refrigerator magnets, or on a custom calendar.

Bold Statements

If subtle isn’t your speed, don’t be afraid to turn it up a notch.  Whether you want to have your saying printed across an oversized canvas, or painted directly onto your wall, your only size limit is your imagination.  Similarly, higher contrast colors can make it stand out, as well as directing specific lighting to illuminate the display.

Just because a statement is bold doesn’t mean that it can’t also be private.  If you want to keep your mantra to yourself, but want to be able to express it with attitude, just place the piece in a private space.  For example, your phrase can take a place of prominence in a bedroom while not being exposed to every person who may come to visit.

Full Displays

Motivational sayings can be part of a larger inspirational display.  For example, you can combine powerful words with images that help you achieve your ideal mindset.  You can consider it like a full-size dream board, including images of your current goals and ideals, or use it to improve your mood by including pictures of anything that makes you smile.

By creating an entire wall display, you can’t help but notice something every day that will help you relax, rejuvenate, or reenergize.  Let your personal style sing in your home, and give yourself permission to make a statement in your space.  With that, you can truly design your home in a way that speaks to who you are, and speaks to you, every day.

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