How to keep your dog happy during feeding and stop it from creating a mess

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When it comes to keeping your lovely house clean and tidy, it is your pets that can really throw a spanner in the works and cause problems if you are not adequately prepared. Post meal messes can be hard to clean up after due to the massive splash radius that dogs manage during their meals. While it may be too cold and miserable to feed your dog’s outside, there are a number of ways in which you can keep your house clean while also satisfying your dog’s needs.

These days, there is a huge market for a wide variety of pet bowls feeders and waterers that help to minimise any potential mess. Here are a few further tips to keep in mind during feeding time to minimise the amount of mess that is generated.

How to keep your dog happy during feeding and stop it from creating a mess

Feeding them the right foods

When it comes to feeding your dog, they are more likely to create a mess if they are eating foods that they don’t particularly enjoy. It is similar enough to humans, if we don’t enjoy what we are eating, we will pick and play with our food and leave a mess behind. Instead, when a dog is eating something they really enjoy, they will enjoy every last bit of it and will not want to waste any of it by causing a mess.

You should always be using a high quality source of food for your dog, as the poorer quality foods will create more waste and can lead to digestive problems. The weight of the dog comes into the equation when it comes to determining exactly how much food you should feed it, while activity level of the dog is also important.

If your dog just lies down all day, not getting much exercise, it won’t need as much food as when it is running around a lot during the day. You shouldn’t choose a specific amount of food to feed your dog and never change it. You should re-evaluate each month to check how their weight is and change the portions accordingly.

How to stop your dog form rushing it’s meals?

When dogs try to eta their food to fast, this creates a huge mess as they are taking in large amounts of air when eating. This can also leads to digestive problems and upset stomachs. To avoid this from happening, you should put a large object tin the bowl such as a ball that forces the dog to work its way around the food, rather than simply eat it all at once.

There are also certain slow feeder bowls that can be bought and which help to slow down the rate at which your dog consumes its meals. If you are feeding more than one dog at a time, the best thing to do is separate them in order to reduce the competition for food between them. This will also reduce the mess as there will not constant shifting and enough space around the bowls.

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