How to Keep Your Home Looking Clean

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No one would like to come home to a dirty and unorganized looking home. Yet there are moments when you neglect paying attention to your home’s cleanliness because you are too busy doing other things.

It does not mean that just because you are busy, you are going to forget about organizing various parts of your home. It does not matter whether the design of your home is the latest or you have hired a well-known interior designer just to make the home as elegant as possible. If your home looks dirty, it will not matter anymore.

Having a cleaning routine will be great although you have to admit that you cannot clean often. If you are only going to clean about 2x or 3x a week, what you can do instead is make sure that you will follow a routine. You also have to be prepared because in between cleaning days, you may have to do emergency cleaning if you have children and/or pets.

How to Keep Your Home Looking Clean

In between those cleaning days, here are some of the simple things you can do so you can keep your home looking clean and organized:

  1. Make Your Bed

You do know how your whole room transforms when you have made up your bed, right? In fact, there may be some minimal clutter around your room but they will not be too evident as long as you make your bed. To make it easier for you and your kids, you can keep the beddings simple enough so that they can be tucked in easily. Elaborate beddings may be harder to organize. If you are running out of time, you can tuck in your comforter near the pillows. It will make your bed look fixed even if underneath, it is not.

  1. If you take out something, learn to put it back

Did you read a book? Make sure that you will return the book on its usual spot at the bookshelf. This will make sure that you will reduce the clutter. If you would read every day and just leave the books at random spots, you have more things to clean when you decide to do some cleaning. You can teach your children this rule too. For sure, you will have less toys to clean and less possibility of stepping on clutter.

  1. Do not forego your mail

If you live in a household wherein mail arrives everyday then you have to make sure that you will deal with it everyday too. If there are some flyers that are just causing some clutter around your home, dispose of them properly. If there are some bills that need to be paid, then deal with these bills immediately. This will let where your mail is usually placed, free of unnecessary papers.

  1. Wipe your counters

You may think that out of all the things that you have read so far, this is the easiest but this is always easier said than done. You need to make some effort into cleaning your counters and making sure that you will not spill things on it. Some spills are harder to clean than others too.

  1. Vacuum when necessary

Vacuuming will be very helpful especially when you are trying to get rid of dust in some parts of your home. There are different vacuums available though. If you are having trouble choosing, check out Dyson vs. Shark. For sure, this will give you an idea which one you should pick.

With all of these details in mind, keeping your home organized will be easier in between cleaning days. Do not forget to clean dishes too.

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