How To Tell If Your Home’s Foundation Is Faulty

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Buying a home is always a gamble because no matter how careful you inspect the property before you buy there can always be some unexpected problems with the home that can take years to become apparent.  Foundation problems are one of these issues that are often completely undetectable simply because your home’s foundation is underground and most property inspection experts aren’t clued up on the warning signs of a bad foundation.  If your home does, however have a foundation problem then don’t break down and cry just yet, because you can get a foundation restored no matter how severe the damage is.

How To Tell If Your Home’s Foundation Is Faulty

Why foundations get problems

There are quite a few causes for foundation problems.  Sure, the original constructors might have made a mess of the foundation but more often the fault is not on the construction company’s side.  The following external factors are much more likely the cause of your home’s foundation damage;

  • Expanding and shifting soil can cause your foundation to sink away and crack.
  • Too much moisture due to poor drainage systems might be the reason why your foundation eroded away.
  • Plumbing leaks can also be the reason for your plumbing issues.
  • Tree roots can grow into your foundation and the pressure can cause your foundation to crack and crumble.

Warning signs of foundation problems

Home foundation problems are hard to spot so here are some warning signs that could mean a huge foundation issue;

  • Cracks starts to appear in your home’s walls
  • Slopping or cracking floors can also be a sign
  • Crumbling of the concrete between bricks
  • Puddles along the exterior of your home and mold on the inside of some walls
  • Corner cracks in your walls
  • Doors and windows suddenly don’t fit like they should

Get your foundation issues solved by an expert

Structured Foundation Repairs Houston is a company that specializes in the repair of problematic foundations specifically.  The owner, Brandon Hoge, started the company in 2003 and has worked alongside lots of real estate professionals as well as with lots of individual home owners to get foundational damages solved.  When you contact them they can come out to your property to determine the state of your homes foundation after which you will receive a cost estimation to repair the problem.  Structured Foundation Repairs Houston can get any foundation restored no matter how severe the problem may seem and no matter how difficult it is to get to your home’s foundation.

Yes, your home can make a full recovery

With expert help your home’s foundation can be fully prepared which will keep future home structure damages like wall cracks and sloping floors from ever recurring again.  Once your home’s foundation is fixed, you can finally fill all of those cracks in your walls and remove mold without having to ever worry about resurfacing again.  You can also get your home sold for a terrific price even though the foundation had some issues because experts like Structured Foundation Repairs Houston will help your home make a full recovery.

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