Make your home weatherproof

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Hurricanes, tornados and other natural dangers can have a disastrous effect on your home. Your first concern will be the safety of your family members. Your home and all your possessions are also at risk depending on the severity of the storm. It is good to be prepared for anything even though you might not be able to keep everything untouched and without damage you might not have to deal with everything being lost. Most people have insurance but the inconvenience of waiting for a claim to be settled is just a nightmare. How can you make your home a little safer and almost weatherproof? Here are a few helpful ideas that will keep you prepared.

Make your home weatherproof

Windows first

Windows are fragile and most probably the first thing that will shatter during a storm. Be sure to inspect your home and windows. Installing shutters will provide your windows with protection and also provide your home with extra protection. Take a look at the different types of storm shutters you can have installed.

Keep your gutters clean

With flooding that generally causes a lot of damage to your home you might want to consider cleaning out your gutters to avoid any clogging and further damage. Maintaining the gutters will avoid any downpour damages. The excess water needs somewhere to go, be prepared.

Update your insurance policy

There is nothing worse than failing to update your insurance and experiencing a natural disaster. If you are not correctly insured you will end up without sufficient insurance and perhaps a repudiated claim. Remember to contact your current insurance company and update your policy if you purchase any additional items for your home or do any renovations.

Keep your trees trimmed

Everyone loves the big tree in the backyard for picnics, barbecue and fun but it could be your worst enemy in the event of a storm. Keep your trees trimmed and maintained to avoid nasty surprises which could include a tree through a window. Take a look at various chainsaw trouser types and purchase a pair. This will make sure you are correctly dressed for your trimming process. Click here for more information on how to trim trees safely.

Invest in a reliable generator

Don’t get caught in the dark. Power is crucial while waiting out a storm. Purchase a generator and make sure that you have enough fuel to keep it going. Store it in your basement where you and your family will be during the storm. Light and the capability to make a cup of coffee will be a comfort in a scary situation.

Have a disaster kit ready

Torches, rope, food rations and other necessary items should be kept in a kit to make your survival experience a little easier. Be sure to keep first aid items in your kit considering someone might get hurt. If there is anyone in your household that uses chronic meds like insulin keep a stash stored as well to avoid any life threatening situations.

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