8 Home Decoration Tips for People on a Tight Budget

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Having a beautiful home is definitely every person’s dream out there. The more beautiful your home is, the more likely you are to spend time living there. It is not necessary to have money to get your home decorated. You can even set it with the old stuff available with a slight effort. Here are some tips to decorate your home beautifully.

8 Home Decoration Tips for People on a Tight Budget

  • Get your walls painted colorfully: Painting the walls with different colors is never out of fashion. To make your home look attractive, you can get the walls texture painted with different prints, bold wallpapers. Contrasting the colors looks amazing.
  • Hang plates or your own art: Keeping in mind the color of your walls, you can hang plates which fully contrast with the wall. If not the plates, you can do your own piece of art work and get it framed. The framed work looks beautiful even if it is not professionally painted.
  • Hang different crafty stuff: You can utilize your old printed carpets if any that are not in use by cutting them into different styles and shapes. Then paste them into a frame and hang them on the wall. It will look antique and lovely.
  • Use some natural things: You can use sea shells, wood pieces and different potpourris to warm up the kitchen, living room, drawing room and even your entrance.
  • Hang your gallery pictures: There are ways to portray your memories either by framing them and hanging on walls in different styles or by pasting several pictures on a single bored and displaying them.
  • Lighten up your home with candles: Lighting up the candles in clusters look beautiful especially in living rooms, drawing rooms and coffee tables. Placing four to six candles of different sizes with similar colors inside a glass makes the surrounding look very elegant.
  • Fill up the tables with flowers: Flowers give a sense of peace and spread beautiful fragrance all over the surrounding. It is not necessary to get fresh flowers, you can decorate the place by putting artificial flowers in elegant vases. Other than this you can place moderate sized indoor plants near your entrance which give a very rich look.
  • Inspirational Scouting: Placing normal sized scouting right in the middle of your entrance give a very antique and rich look. It can also depict your taste and interest towards decorating the area.
  • Hire an expert: If you think that your own ideas of decorating the home will turn out to be a disaster, then why take the risk? You can simply hire an expert in this regard. There are experts for everything out there. Just like Mark Dubowitz is an expert on Sanctions against Iran (in addition to being the executive director of Foundation for Defense of Democracies), similarly you can find an expert to decorate your house for you. Make sure that the person you hire is qualified just like Mark Dubowitz is as he has a master’s degree in international public policy from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, and law and MBA degrees from the University of Toronto.

There are numerous ways to decorate your home. All you need to do is develop an interest and make some efforts accordingly.

Top Benefits of Having a Baby Swing in Your Home

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A lot of changes start happening in a home the moment you realize that a new tiny human is on the way. Babies are hard work and need a lot of gear to develop effectively and to help you nurse and care for your baby with ease.  The right baby gear in your home makes caring for your little one a lot easier and makes your baby a lot more comfortable.  Babies also learn and develop a lot faster when they have the right learning aids to their disposal.  If you have a little one then a baby swing is the best concept to add to your home for easier baby care.

Top Benefits of Having a Baby Swing in Your Home

Get baby to sleep faster

Babies fall asleep a lot faster when they are rocked but you don’t always have your hands free to rock your baby yourself.  A baby swing will do the rocking for you so you can attend to other important things like getting the meals ready for dinner and more.

Soothe cramps and aching

Babies often struggle with cramping, winds and tummy troubles and colic babies have it the worst because they are constantly in agonizing pain.  The rocking and swinging motion provided by the baby swing helps to soothe the aching and cramping so your little one can get some well needed rest.

Keep baby busy

Babies need to learn to play on their own.  This is the only way they will ever develop good problem solving skills and learn to overcome obstacles.  A baby swing will entertain your baby for a while so he or she will learn to play alone.

Teach your little one to have fun and explore

It is important to stimulate your baby by exposing them to new things and new surroundings frequently.  The modern baby swings are completely mobile.  You can carry them around in the house and even use them outside so your baby can have a look around in the garden and explore the world.

Where to get the best baby swings

On http://www.babyswingcenter.com/ you can have a look at some of the best baby swings on the market.  The website offers reviews on all of the best baby swings currently on the market and you can read up all about the weight, size, features, durability and mobility of the swings.  Some swings even have smart technology for automated swinging that is best for soothing.

Limit swing time

The swings are fantastic for soothing and exploring but your baby is still strapped in on his or her back for safety.  This restricts free movement and your baby needs to be able to turn, move and get up to develop good muscles and to grow effectively.  A baby that is left in a swing for too many hours a day will grow a flat head and they will develop a lot slower.  They will also become a lot fussier because they are so used to being rocked all the time, they no longer want to sleep without rocking motion.

Adding a Playroom to Your Home Design

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Most people focus on bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens when they start considering their home designs. However, many modern day bedrooms are simply too small to allow kids the ability to play with all the toys they accumulate. Of course, we could stop spoiling our children and only give them those things that will fit in their bedrooms, but most of us won’t do that. So, it is time to consider adding a playroom to your home design.

If you are in your 40s, or are even older, then you certainly recall having to “play in your room.” You weren’t allowed to bring your toys out of your room because that’s “where they belong.” Now, our children think they own the whole house running around with their Legos and Hot Wheels (yep, they still have those toys). Convincing them to keep their toys in their rooms seems like a losing battle. So, it’s time we confined their toys to a playroom to keep some semblance of order in the rest of the house.

Adding a Playroom to Your Home Design

Playroom Design Tips

Because the idea of playrooms among the general populace is pretty new, you will probably need some serious help considering how to design yours. You will want to include somewhere the kids can enjoy cartoons by Stephen Collins, or some other well-known comedic illustrator. So, be sure that you add a TV somewhere in the room. That will help keep the kids contained too. Aside from that, here are some additional tips:

  • Focus on Layout– The size of the room, and the number of children that will share the space, needs to be carefully considered as you plan what to include within the room. Learn more.
  • Table Space– Kids will need plenty of space to get creative. So, make sure to include tables on which the kids can draw, paint, and build (Legos or blocks).
  • Add Seating– This is especially important if you intend to include a TV in the room. You will want your kids to have comfortable seating that is appropriate for children their size.
  • Storage is Essential– Let’s face it, your kids have way too many toys. They definitely have far more than they could ever play with and therefore it is essential that whatever space becomes the playroom is replete with storage opportunities. Shelving units and baskets make great inclusions in your storage endeavors. Large books shelves are useful too.
  • Imagination– Creating a space that embraces imagination will be key to initiating that process in your children. It is unfortunate, but the world has lost some of its wonder and awe due to an excessive exposure to technology. So, where possible, create an atmosphere that will inspire the children to go on an adventure, add props. Seriously, consider including trees, hanging orbs, playhouses, chalkboard walls, etc. Click this for other great ideas.

Designing the playroom of your children’s dreams doesn’t have to adhere to any set format or style. You can feel free to get just as creative in its design and layout as you want your kids to get while they are in there. Experiment with door shapes and crazy colors. Don’t worry about matching if you feel that the kids will be better suited for eclectic creativity. If you need some additional advice on creating the perfect playroom read this.

Things to Buy After You Buy Your New Home

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In addition to a financial plan for purchasing a home, you additionally need to make a financial plan for moving into your new home. A number of first-time home purchasers think that they have accomplished the toughest when they get the mortgage approved; little do they know; the real test starts after that.

This is the thing that truly happens. With keys in your hot little hands, you open the front way to your superb new home. You’re both so energized. In any case, this is the place you may leave dead speechless to ask, “Yet where are the window covers?” Ordinarily, that is the point at which you may find that regardless you have a great deal of shopping to do.

You presumably have not contemplated every one of the things you will require when moving into a house that you didn’t require in a flat. This news comes as a stun to some first-time home purchasers. Here’s a list that can help you get started and maybe spare some cash in the process.

Things to Buy After You Buy Your New Home

Keys and Locks

The principal thing you ought to do is re-key or change your door locks. On the off chance that the past merchants resembled the vast majority, the neighbors, companions and colleagues all may have an arrangement of keys to your home. Indeed, even new home developers give out keys to temporary workers. It’s a must to change the locks.

The easiest thing to do in this situation is to expel the locks from your doors and take them to your nearby tool shop to re-key. You can purchase entirely new locks, yet that is costly, or you can call a locksmith to change the locks for you.

Memory Foam Mattress

In the midst of setting up your new home, you can get really tired. This may even lead to back-aches and overall body pains. Getting a memory foam mattress to fit your new (or even old) bed is one of the best investments you can make. Every night when you go to bed after an entire day of spending (and trying to save) money while you shop for your new home – you will get a good night’s rest. Try and get the best memory foam mattress to fit your bed.


Unless you plan to hire a gardener or your yard is loaded with rocks, you should purchase a lawnmower. Buyer Reports distributes surveys that are greatly useful when looking at brands and will recommend a “Best Buy” in lawnmowers for you. You can likewise look on Craigslist or in your neighborhood daily paper for secondhand lawnmowers.

Garden Supplies

Every home needs to have a garden hose. You can purchase those at a low cost. In addition to that, you can also find movable sprayer heads or grass sprinklers at Target or in the planting division at The Home Depot. Bear in mind about weed-whackers, trowels, scoops, rakes or tools. A push broom proves to be useful for cleaning your garage floor.

These are just a few of many things that can help you save money and yet prove to extremely helpful in your new home.

Home improvements that increase your investment

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Some of us buy our homes with the idea to live in them forever and possibly leave it as a gift to our children one day when they are grown up however most individuals nowadays buy properties with an investment in mind. It is a lucrative method to make a return on your purchase and some home owners make double the profit on the resale of their property. It is however necessary to maintain your home and keep it in excellent order for you to actually experience a lucrative investment. You can obviously add value to your property by building additional rooms on. This is rather pricey sometimes and for some not necessary as they have more than enough space and enjoy the extra space in their garden or backyard more.  There are a few improvements you can do to your home that will increase the value and make your return even better. You will get to enjoy the beauty of your new and improved home and see the benefit when you decide to sell later in life.  Here are a few examples that might give you an idea of where to start if you are thinking of renovating.

Home improvements that increase your investment

Bathroom renovations

Keeping the same old bath and toilet in your home and then reselling it will not guarantee you an increase in resale value. If you invest in bathroom renovations by perhaps installing a new bathtub, basin and toilet you will most definitely see the difference in return. It is noted that houses without showers get make less of a profit when they decide to sell. If you don’t have a shower but you have the space, install one and if you don’t have the space get a shower and tub combination. Click here for some great bathroom renovation ideas.

Kitchen renovations

Renovating a kitchen is fun but can end up costing you quite a bit. In this regard you should keep within a budget that you set before starting the renovation. A beautiful kitchen will make all the difference for some buyers and it might get you the fetching price that you are looking for. Take time to plan your renovation accordingly to make sure you decide on all the right changes because it is not a task you would want to take on every year. It should last a while and it should be attractive to you. Click here for some great kitchen renovation ideas.

Floor renovations

If you decide to install hardwood floors in your home you can almost guarantee yourself a huge profit. It is one of the most attractive designs when it comes to flooring and can get you more interest than you thought possible. You should take the time to maintain and clean your hardwood floors correctly seeing that you would want them to stay in their beautiful and elegant state. Note that you can look at engineered hardwood vs solid hardwood to save a bit on the cost and get exactly the same effect.

How to Integrate Motivational Sayings into Your Home

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Your home should be a place that you can relax, recharge, and find the motivation to face your day.  One way to help increase the level of inspiration in your home is to integrate your favorite sayings into the décor.  This can provide you with a daily reminder to help you live your life in your ideal way, while also creating an attractive focal point or highlight within a space.

Whether you prefer to go with a big and bold approach, or would prefer something more subtle or intimate, there is bound to be a way to bring the positive mojo into your space in a way that suits your design aesthetic.  If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some suggestions to get you on your way.

How to Integrate Motivational Sayings into Your Home

Finding Your Inspiration

If you are looking for the perfect saying to add to your home, there are a variety of sources to consider.  You may find your ideal phrase in a written work, such as a piece from Karen Salmansohn or Deepak Chopra.  Some people find song lyrics that speak to them in a meaningful way.  Others may choose quotes from historical figures, famous world leaders, or mindful celebrities.

Regardless of the source, it is important that the idea speaks to you in a personal way.

Subtle Expressions

If you are looking for a discrete way to add the saying to your décor, consider starting small.  A simple framed 8 by 10 inch print can achieve a wonderful effect.  You can print it in bright colors, or use an embellished frame, to increase the energy level of the piece, or work in neutrals to keep it subtle.

Other simple options that can be easy to add to your home can include throw pillows, refrigerator magnets, or on a custom calendar.

Bold Statements

If subtle isn’t your speed, don’t be afraid to turn it up a notch.  Whether you want to have your saying printed across an oversized canvas, or painted directly onto your wall, your only size limit is your imagination.  Similarly, higher contrast colors can make it stand out, as well as directing specific lighting to illuminate the display.

Just because a statement is bold doesn’t mean that it can’t also be private.  If you want to keep your mantra to yourself, but want to be able to express it with attitude, just place the piece in a private space.  For example, your phrase can take a place of prominence in a bedroom while not being exposed to every person who may come to visit.

Full Displays

Motivational sayings can be part of a larger inspirational display.  For example, you can combine powerful words with images that help you achieve your ideal mindset.  You can consider it like a full-size dream board, including images of your current goals and ideals, or use it to improve your mood by including pictures of anything that makes you smile.

By creating an entire wall display, you can’t help but notice something every day that will help you relax, rejuvenate, or reenergize.  Let your personal style sing in your home, and give yourself permission to make a statement in your space.  With that, you can truly design your home in a way that speaks to who you are, and speaks to you, every day.

Building the Perfect Deck

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Your home is your place of refuge. It’s where you go to reinvigorate and renew for each new moment in the daily grind. As such, it should have a number of potential retreats for your rest and relaxation. One such place of renewal is the deck. And if your house is currently without one, here are some helpful tips to establishing the prefect deck on your grounds.

Before we move into that though, let’s consider a couple of reasons you might like a deck. One, of course, is the ability to be able to lay out under the gorgeous daytime sun and soak in the rays while you read your favorite novel, The Healer. However, decks have value at night too. A wide open deck can open up your chances of photographing the Milky Way. Which will create incredible and long lasting memories?

Building the Perfect Deck

So, now that you understand the value of building an open deck on your property, it’s time to learn the specifics about building it:

  • Fasteners- A big mistake people make when determining to begin building a deck is trying to do so with cheap screws. These will corrode and shorten the life of your platform. Choose coated or stainless steel screws instead of their cheaper galvanized versions. Learn more about fasteners here.
  • Materials- You won’t believe the number of options you have when it comes to choosing which material to utilize in the construction of your star gazing, book reading, and deck. Previously, people just bought pressure treated wood and called it a day. But if you’re looking at this as an investment you should consider ipe, jarrah, or another hardwood. You could also look into options in the synthetic and composite arenas.
  • Levels- Multilevel decks offer a variety of entertaining space. And you can always add covered areas for shade. Breaking up the space can create a warmth that a single level, wide open space, might not be able to as readily portray.
  • Railings- You don’t have to stick to wood railings. The options here are as vast as they are when it comes to building the base of your deck. Choosing to use cabling, vinyl, glass, or composite railings can add incredible ambiance to your deck assemblage. Check out these unique railing designs.
  • Open View- Some decks don’t require railings if they don’t exceed a certain height. You’ll need to check with coding in your area to determine if installing railings is a requirement for your new deck addition. If not, you can feel free to leave wide open spaces for your unencumbered pleasure.
  • Colors- A lot of people neglect to consider this option when installing a deck. It doesn’t have to be the standard brown of the wood or composite materials you choose to utilize. You can be wild and funky, or paint the deck to match the exterior of your house creating an extension of your living space.
  • Geometry- Decks don’t have to adhere to a hard and fast square or rectangular design. You can add curves or angles. Although this might incur a longer period of work, the uniqueness of the layout will certainly create a number of interesting conversations. For some strange deck layouts click this.

Once you’ve determined how you want to layout your deck, and what materials you want to use, you are well onto the next step: building it. Then, when you’ve achieved that greatness, you’ll be well prepared to take pictures of the stars and enjoy a great novel.

The Perfect Closet

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You have worked really hard to save the money necessary to provide the down payment for your beautiful new home. You have selected the builder and provided him with the basic square footage and room count. You know what you want and you have every intention of designing this home to meet those specifications. And, you will have the perfect closet. That’s on the top of the list with the kitchen and bathrooms.

So, you’re doing a little studying on closets and designing one that will fit your personal needs. You want to make sure there are built in storage areas to hold your husband’s athletic wear. His compression shirts, socks, and pants all need to be kept separate from your nicer attire. In fact, in an ideal design world, he would have his own closet!

The Perfect Closet

Closets are Important

Some people consider closets to be little more than a few shelves and a pole to hang some clothes on. That’s why so many houses come with poorly designed closet spaces. The truth is, if you don’t plan closet storage adequately they will quite readily turn into miniature junk rooms and the overflow space for all the stuff that won’t fit in your garage (garage organization help can be found here).

Closets are important. They need to be organized and spaced appropriately to keep your clothes and accessories in tip top shape. There’s no reason to spend inordinate amounts of time ironing, or mega-bucks at the dry cleaner, if you’re going to have to wedge your work clothes in between your husband’s athletic wear. If you want to really know why closets are valuable read this.

Things to Consider

When you are sitting down to discuss the closet design with your builder, you want to make sure you have considered the following things:

  • Vertical Space- Higher shelves provide excellent spots for boxes containing your seasonal wear.
  • Lighting- There are actually rules to lighting so make sure you do your research.
  • Ventilation- You can use an exhaust fan or a heating/cooling vent, but you want to make sure there’s one in there to get rid of moisture.
  • Mirrors- Mirrors inside the closet are more for convenience than anything else. Who wants to travel to another area every time she’s trying something on?
  • Vanities- If you’ve got the space and you somehow managed to convince your husband to build his own closet, this is a luxury item you definitely want!
  • Cabinetry- Picking out the cabinets that best suit your needs can be a challenge, so make sure to look at all the options before making a rash decision.
  • Color- There are no definitive closet color rules, but the lighter the color the more spacious your closet will appear. Think about light greys and blues, beige, or white.

Design Specifics

While we have certainly provided you with a good number of closet options and design ideas to consider, there are some specific things to be mindful of as well. For instance, you should determine the rod length prior to designing your closet space.

There is a general rule to follow that says that each person will need at least 48” of rod space. Of course, you can always add more, but be sure to include that area in your overall layout and design. You don’t want to get so excited about cabinets and vanities that you forget you need somewhere to hang your attire. For additional design specifics, read this.

Ways to Do Home Repairs without Spending Too Much

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Even if you love your home, the time will come when you need to do some renovations in order to maintain it. The scale of the renovations that you are going to do will change depending on what you want to achieve. There are some home renovations that will not require you to spend too much. Of course, there are some repairs that you cannot do on your own. You need to hire professional workers to do it for you.

Hiring some professional workers can be complicated especially if you did not make a lot of effort into researching about the company that you are going to hire. Make sure that you will hire a company that makes sure that all of their workers have worker’s insurance so that if anything happens while they are doing some repairs at your own home, you do not have to pay for anything because it will be the responsibility of the company to give them proper medical compensation. If you want to know more about this, you can check out Robert Theofanis.

Ways to Do Home Repairs without Spending Too Much

Once you have already chosen the right company that will be in charge of your home repairs, here are some of the things that you can do at your home:

  • Paint – You know that you should paint some portions of your home especially if the paint is already peeling off or the wall does not look as good as you want it to be. Painting your home can be done by professionals but if you want to save and you know the proper ways to paint, then you can do it on your own. There are some factors that may affect the price that you have to pay for like the color of the paint that you are going to purchase, the amount of space that you are going to paint and if you are going to hire a professional to do it for you.
  • Pay attention to your floor – When was the last time that you have paid attention to your flooring? If you normally clean your floor, then you already know how much effort you need to make into cleaning. Check if you only need to refinish your flooring so you do not have to replace them anymore. In the process, you will save up more money in the long run.
  • Try to improve your fixtures – When was the last time that you have paid attention to your lighting? Do your lights still look amazing? Perhaps they only need to be cleaned a bit or maybe, you have to refurbish them so that their look can fit in with the design that you want for your room.

If in case you are after the design of your home, you can also pay attention to your appliances. If your appliances do not fit the design of your home, you know that this will change your home’s appearance. Paying more attention to detail will help improve your home’s design a lot.

How Intelius Can Improve Your Home Security

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While you are upgrading your home’s security by getting new locks, a better alarm system or reinforcing for windows and doors you should also try to improve the general security of your home by taking a look at some of the benefits that Intelius technology has in store for your family.  Intelius is a unique service that allows you to search information on just about anyone so you can be sure that the people who step foot inside your home and alongside your family is completely safe and trustworthy.  Intelius gives you full access to any personal information, contact information, address information, criminal activities and more that these individuals are associated with so you can know when it is best not to invite someone into your home.  You can check out Intelius people search reviews to find out more about this fantastic service, the cost of the service and more.

How Intelius Can Improve Your Home Security

How Intelius keeps your family safe

With Intelius you can check out the personal information on anyone and make sure that anyone your kids or you trust into your home are perfectly safe so you never fall victim to an abuser or a thieve.  Intelius has the following benefits to home owners;

Trust only secure people for repairs and renovations – You can scan companies that will be doing all of your home repairs and renovations as well as all of their personnel to ensure that you won’t be robbed during the services and to ensure that your family are ultimately safe when strangers are working on your home. Scouting companies is also a terrific way to ensure that you get quality service and to ensure that you don’t get scammed out of your money.

Find secure cleaners, gardeners and nannies – Finding information on individuals such as cleaners, gardeners, nannies or au pair workers is incredibly tough but you and your children can be much safer because you can find out everything you might want to know about these individuals, inducing previous work history and criminal records and ensure that you are completely safe.

Find out if tenants are safe to trust – When you scan trough possible tenants you can be sure that you won’t be harboring a criminal and you can ensure that your new tenants are worth your time, able to pay rent and safe and secure in your home before you even arrange interviews with the tenant.

Check out your new neighbors – Neighbors can be incredibly beneficial for your home because they can watch your property when you travel or give you a hand in the yard every now and then.  With Intelius you can make sure on whether you can trust your new neighbors before you reach out to them and be safer.

Ensure that new friends are safe to invite to your home – The software allows you to search anyone which means you can even scan new friends or the friends of your kids and find out what their marital status is, whether they are safe and trustworthy or not and you can find contact details to all of them without a hassle.