Redesigning Your Home with Your Pet in Mind

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Making your house more pet friendly will probably not fall into the remodeling category. However, it is a good idea for the safety of your four-legged friend and the protection of the valuables within your abode. It is time to learn about redesigning your home with your pet in mind.

Since you will want to provide the best care possible for your pet, you should ensure that you know where he/she is at all times. Purchasing an LED collar from,, is an excellent option. These are the best LED safety collars you can find, and they are fashionable too. They are rechargeable and come in seven different colors. The YIPPR brand is well known and this collar will allow you to readily monitor your pet. And, knowing where he/she is, will help you maintain the home you love.

Redesigning Your Home with Your Pet in Mind

Pet Friendly Home Design Considerations

Because your pet will become part of your family, it is imperative that you provide him/her with a safe and comfortable place to live. Don’t leave your pets out of your remodeling ideas, they have specific needs too that should be addressed. So, take a look at these pet friendly home design considerations:

  • Flooring- There are some types of flooring that are ideal for homes with pets. And, there are others that should definitely be eliminated. Carpet is one of those. It can house bacteria and smells that you simply don’t want in your home. Choosing a tile, laminate, or wood floor is a far better idea. Tile is scratch resistant, so that makes it the optimal choice. However, if you prefer wood, we suggest you utilize bamboo as it’s durable and renewable.
  • Furniture– Even if you’re not too keen about your pets getting on the furniture you have to know they will. So picking the best materials is smart. We’d like to suggest three options:
  1. Ultrasuede– It’s not real suede, but it feels like it and it’s machine washable. It resists stains and other potential discolorations.
  2. Crypton– This synthetic fabric is nearly indestructible. It resists muddy paws, bacteria, stains and smells. Learn more.
  3. Leather– Don’t roll your eyes, leather is easy to clean and durable. You can always cheap out with pleather. Of course, ensuring your pet’s claws are trimmed regularly will go a long way with either of them.
  • Hazards– Keeping a pet friendly house means ensuring that anything harmful has been removed from within the pet’s reach. Make sure you regularly take out the trash, look for things on ground and jumping level. Don’t leave out food or medications. And, here are some additional things to consider:
  1. Cut through loops on window treatment cords to avoid choking and/or strangulation.
  2. Cover or unplug electrical wires and cords.
  3. Pick pet safe indoor plants only. Read this.
  4. Lock the places you store your chemicals: cleaners, pesticides, antifreeze, fertilizer, etc.
  5. Make sure the toilet lid is kept closed.
  6. Ensure that you have properly installed and sturdy screens, if you leave windows open.
  7. Store pet food in containers that help prevent contamination and nutrient degradation.

Your pet will be hanging around with you for a long time. You will need to create a space in which your grooming supplies, collars, and leashes are kept. And, you’ll need to design a safe sleeping spot for him/her as well. If you need additional information you can follow this link.

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