Remodel Your House to Move to One of These Great Cities

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A lot of people choose to remodel their homes right when they think about changing locales. Performing a small number of remodeling jobs can make a huge difference in the speed with which you sell your home. And, since you are desiring to move to one of these great skateboarding cities, it’s no wonder you are all about speed. So, consider some of the remodel suggestions we will make in a few moments, but then, take a look at the cities that will best suit your favorite pastime.

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Remodel Your House to Move to One of These Great Cities

Sell Quick and Get Skating

You have decided you want to get out of your current home and into one that puts you a lot closer to the skating life you have always dreamed of. So, follow these tips to sell quick and get skating:

  1. Add USB ports to your power outlets.
  2. Get rid of the popcorn ceilings.
  3. Take down half-walls and exposed posts.
  4. Update your wiring to be internet friendly.
  5. Clean the carpets and wood floors.
  6. Add on to your small kitchen to make it more spacious.
  7. Get everything out of the garage.
  8. Change ugly door handles.
  9. Hire a professional landscaper.
  10. Paint everything that is visible on the outside to give it a fresh look.
  11. No more wallpaper.
  12. Get a home inspection before you put it on the market.
  13. Add storage to the closets.
  14. Do what you can to improve energy efficiency.
  15. Get rid of any old drapes, rugs, or fabrics that detract from the look of the home.
  16. Change the bedding to more modern patterns and styles.
  17. Make sure it doesn’t smell.
  18. Get some fancy lightbulbs to make rooms seem larger and brighter.
  19. Clean the bathroom and update where necessary.
  20. Pick competitive pricing.

You can always get more ideas, here.

Places to Move Once You Sell

Since the goal is to get to a skating haven, you will want to consider these incredible cities when you start contemplating your move. They offer all the resources necessary for the skating life:

  • Barcelona– A skateboarding mecca since the 90s, this one might be a little farfetched.
  • Los Angeles– This is skateboarding’s birth place.
  • New York– The epic spots that can be found in this buzzing city are well worth the expenditure to live there.
  • Paris- Yet another dream of a city, but certainly worthy of consideration.
  • Melbourne– You end up here and you might want to take up surfing too! Learn more.
  • London– Even in the rain, this city beckons the skater in you.
  • Shenzhen– Bet you never thought about moving to China, until now.
  • Berlin- Some consider Berlin an up and coming version of Barcelona.
  • Tel Aviv– Israel has many wonderful reasons to consider it home. Read this.

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