Safety Must Haves for Your Home Workshop

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Accidents can happen so fast, especially if you are a hazard prone person that simply loves to DIY in your home workshop.  Doing your own vehicle and home repairs can save a lot of money and will enable you to upgrade your home and life quality a lot quicker.  There are also a lot of wonderfully skilled people that absolutely love to do crafts and construct things in their spare time.  While a home workshop is terrific for these DIY repairs and especially for home crafts and projects, it can also be terribly dangerous.  You can easily get burnt, injured, cut or even lose a few limbs while you are manning heavy machinery in your home workshop.  Safety gear is not just important in the workplace.  Safety gear can also mean the difference between life and death at your very own house and that is exactly why you need to stock up on the following home safety basics.

Safety Must Haves for Your Home Workshop

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Safety gear you should have in your home workshop

The right safety gear can help you do your own home crafts, repairs and projects a lot safer and give you a means of recovery should you get injured.  Here are the top must haves for your home workshop;

Cleaning supplies – A bit of dirt and oil doesn’t seem very dangerous but can actually be life threatening.  Dirty work spaces often harbor a lot of germs and infestations that can cause life threatening infections.  Cleaning and washroom supplies like mops, brooms, brushes, cleaning products, garbage bins, hand cleaners,  hand paper towels and toilet tissue is an absolute must for your home workshop so you can maintain good health while you are busy with messy projects.

Industrial footwear – It is so easy to snap the fragile bones in your feet and toes when you working.  Just one drop of the hammer and your toes could be crushed.   Industrial footwear will protect your feet from incidents and will boost your performance when you feel comfier and protected.

Personal protective equipment – PPE like eye protection, hearing protection, gloves, hard hats and more may seem like a hassle while you are working but could end up saving your life, your vision or limbs.

Dangerous goods storage – If you are working with chemicals or dangerous gear then these items should be stored away securely, especially if children are frequently entering your workshop.  Dangerous goods storage can be a great way to secure your hazardous gear.

Fire safety – Fire protective clothing can make work a lot safer but your workshop should also have the right safety tools like a fire extinguisher.

First Aid kit – With a first aid kit you can dress your own wounds or maintain woods temporarily while you are seeking medical attention.

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