Some Unique Housing Ideas to Check Out

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You already know that you want to build your own home but you also know that it is going to be very expensive. One option is to work hard and make sure that you will get the type of home that you have always wanted. Another option is to think of an alternative option to housing that will allow you to live comfortably with a twist.

If in case you are into having the traditional home, the best option for you is to know the materials that will be used for your home ahead of time. You can take a look at Timber Frame as they will be able to supply all the materials that you need. Whether you are going to build a log cabin or an actual home will be up to you.

Some Unique Housing Ideas to Check Out

One of the most popular alternative housing ideas right now is green housing. This means that you are going to create something that is more environment friendly than the one that you are used to. Remember that what makes a home eco-friendly is due to the features of the home and the other materials that are used instead.

  1. Wood House

If you want something that is more sustainable, you can use timber or log. Other types of wood may not be considered sustainable. Remember that if you want something that will look even more unique, you can check out Cordwood. It will give a unique look to your home for sure. The best thing about this type of wood is it can give the insulation that you need when the weather is cool.

  1. Log House

One thing that you should remember about the log house now is that it is not as small as people used to make them in the past. There was a time when people thought that log houses are only vacation homes wherein you can hang out after a long and tiring week at the office but some people are creating log houses now to live in for good.

  1. Straw Houses

This may not be a popular option but it might be in the long run. Straw is one of those options that you should try when you want your home to be more eco-friendly. They can provide the insulation that you will need too. The best thing about this option is that you will be using something that is normally considered as waste.

  1. Stone Houses

Stone houses are always known to be beautiful and they are not that common too so whenever people see stone houses, they cannot help but stare. Stone houses do not need to be painted on in order to look beautiful. With the right design, it will also be easier for this type of house to be fixed from within so that they can provide more heat than usual. Some may avoid this type of home because they think that it is too primitive but times have changed now.

With all of these other options that are available for you, building the house that you have always wanted will not be too hard or expensive.

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