The Benefits That Families Can Enjoy From Mortgage Brokers

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When you think about mortgage brokers, your mind immediately switches to the image of you buying a home with the help of a mortgage.  Some mortgage brokers however do much more than just finance home loans.  Families can now enjoy a lot more benefits from mortgage brokers like Mortgage Brokers 24/7 who offers a great variety of options that they can enjoy for greater financial freedom and reduced stress levels.  Here are just a few things that this mortgage broker firm can do for you;

Get a personal loan and save money

A personal loan through mortgage brokers can help you save up to 20% more than you would have if you used your credit card and you can choose a longer term of up to 15 years and enjoy a budget friendly monthly repayment free on your loan.

The Benefits That Families Can Enjoy From Mortgage Brokers

Finance new gear for your home business

There aren’t many mortgage firms that are willing to support businesses because it is a much higher risk than property investments but luckily for you, Mortgage Brokers 24/7 does.  You can enjoy great financing for your company expansions, gear, and debtors and perhaps even receive financing for business overdrafts so you can do business more effectively.

Buy a home

Of course you can buy a home with the help of a mortgage broker who will even offer you different loan types such as SMSF loans where your employer is held accountable for the loan or principal and interest loans that offers lower principal and interest rates if you pay the home off quicker.

Buy a second or third home

You can even buy a second or third home and become a property investor with the help of this broker.  The main reason why mortgage brokers love buy-to-let property is because it is much easier and the risk of these types of mortgages are much lower than any other loan type and home owners can benefit from the investments for the rest of their lives.

Get a second mortgage

A second mortgage on your home is risky because the interest is much higher but it is still a great way to get your hands on some cash that you can use for renovations or home expansions.  You can also use a second mortgage to cover other loans and enjoy a lower interest rate.

Get an offset account

This is a feature that can be added to a home loan package. With your offset account, you can deposit savings and use it as an everyday account.  The balance of the account only gets subtracted from your account.

Enjoy redraw facilities

Did you deposit too much when you paid your mortgage?  Well with the redraw facility, home owners can deposit as much as they can in order to get their homes paid off sooner but with one great difference; you can also redraw some of the money that you have saved up whenever you need it.

Mortgage Broker 24/7 offers the lowest possible interest rates and you can customize your packages by extending your loan period so you too can afford much more at a lower rate.

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