The Best Ways to Make Your Home Dog Friendly

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If you absolutely love your dog then there is no reason for you to exclude the beloved pet from the family by leaving him outside all the time.  There are a lot of products on the market that you can invest in to make your home doggy friendly so you and your family can enjoy your pet all the time and the best part is, most dog equipment extremely affordable.

Get automatic dog feeders

Dogs can be quite messy around the food bowls.  A great way for your dogs to be cleaner during feeding times is by investing in automatic feeders and waterers.  The top benefits of these feeders and waterers are;

  • Your pet will stop being overly eager during feeding times because food is available to him all day long
  • The feeders and waterers are incredibly easy to use and monitor for hassle free doggy care
  • The feeders and waterers are perfect for dogs that eat and drink indoors because they provide a much cleaner feeding result
  • Your dog will have access to as much kibble as it needs to maintain good health
  • Reduced begging around the dinner table because your dog is already fed
  • Your dog will be fed and watered even when you are not at home

Get a doggy bed

A lot of people refuse to let their dogs into the house due to the fur that gets stuck on your carpets, clothes and furniture.  A great way to control dog furs is by getting a comfortable doggy bed that your dog can use all the time.  You should be strict with your dog when it comes to sleeping arrangements and teach him early on that his bed is the only place that he is allowed to sleep.  You should get a doggy bed that is machine washable so your dog will be healthy and so your home will stay odor free.

The Best Ways to Make Your Home Dog Friendly

Build in an outdoor doggy shower

Washing your pets in your bathroom tub is a terrible mess and you and your family can catch some diseases from your pets when you are using the same tub.  A built in doggy shower is a great way for you to keep your dog clean all the time so your home will stay odor free.  Regular doggy baths is also a great way to reduce the amount of fur shedding so your home will be tidier.  Your doggy shower can have a retractable shower head so you can wash your beloved pet much easier and more conveniently.

Get a travel blanket

Travel blankets are great for dogs that go along on holidays and for pets that need frequent vet care.  A doggy travel blanket will keep the fur off your car seats so you can maintain your dog’s health and keep the fur off your clothes.

Dog hair control

Rubber gloves and brooms are excellent for removing stubborn dog hair from carpets.  A good quality vacuum can also make it much easier to keep your home hair free but the best way to cut back on some elbow grease is to comb your dog regularly to prevent some shedding or to get your dog’s hair cut at a dog salon at least twice a year.

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