The Perfect Closet

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You have worked really hard to save the money necessary to provide the down payment for your beautiful new home. You have selected the builder and provided him with the basic square footage and room count. You know what you want and you have every intention of designing this home to meet those specifications. And, you will have the perfect closet. That’s on the top of the list with the kitchen and bathrooms.

So, you’re doing a little studying on closets and designing one that will fit your personal needs. You want to make sure there are built in storage areas to hold your husband’s athletic wear. His compression shirts, socks, and pants all need to be kept separate from your nicer attire. In fact, in an ideal design world, he would have his own closet!

The Perfect Closet

Closets are Important

Some people consider closets to be little more than a few shelves and a pole to hang some clothes on. That’s why so many houses come with poorly designed closet spaces. The truth is, if you don’t plan closet storage adequately they will quite readily turn into miniature junk rooms and the overflow space for all the stuff that won’t fit in your garage (garage organization help can be found here).

Closets are important. They need to be organized and spaced appropriately to keep your clothes and accessories in tip top shape. There’s no reason to spend inordinate amounts of time ironing, or mega-bucks at the dry cleaner, if you’re going to have to wedge your work clothes in between your husband’s athletic wear. If you want to really know why closets are valuable read this.

Things to Consider

When you are sitting down to discuss the closet design with your builder, you want to make sure you have considered the following things:

  • Vertical Space- Higher shelves provide excellent spots for boxes containing your seasonal wear.
  • Lighting- There are actually rules to lighting so make sure you do your research.
  • Ventilation- You can use an exhaust fan or a heating/cooling vent, but you want to make sure there’s one in there to get rid of moisture.
  • Mirrors- Mirrors inside the closet are more for convenience than anything else. Who wants to travel to another area every time she’s trying something on?
  • Vanities- If you’ve got the space and you somehow managed to convince your husband to build his own closet, this is a luxury item you definitely want!
  • Cabinetry- Picking out the cabinets that best suit your needs can be a challenge, so make sure to look at all the options before making a rash decision.
  • Color- There are no definitive closet color rules, but the lighter the color the more spacious your closet will appear. Think about light greys and blues, beige, or white.

Design Specifics

While we have certainly provided you with a good number of closet options and design ideas to consider, there are some specific things to be mindful of as well. For instance, you should determine the rod length prior to designing your closet space.

There is a general rule to follow that says that each person will need at least 48” of rod space. Of course, you can always add more, but be sure to include that area in your overall layout and design. You don’t want to get so excited about cabinets and vanities that you forget you need somewhere to hang your attire. For additional design specifics, read this.

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