Three Accessories That Will Add Life to Your Living Room

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In a house, a living room is a space for relaxing, however, since modern houses nowadays don’t have a separate drawing room, the living area serves the purpose of socializing and entertaining the guests as well. The living room is a place in your house where you can unwind, and have a nice time after a long day at work. Hence it is also known as the lounge room. We believe the interior of a house represents the people residing inside it. If your house has eye-popping colors, it gives the impression that you have a bubbly and warm personality. However, if it’s painted with hues of gray, you come off as a perfectionist.

Three Accessories That Will Add Life to Your Living Room

It doesn’t matter if you have bright or minimalistic colors, a living room will look boring if it lacks in accessories. If you have an empty or dull living room, it makes you look like a slacker. Here are the three things that can add life to your living room and make it chic:

  • Comfy Rug(s):

Rugs are said to be the heart of a living room because it changes the atmosphere of the whole space. Remember, just a couch, and a coffee table does not make a living room. Instead, you need to adorn it with few things to make it appear welcoming, and rugs are the best way to do it. A soft and plush rug will make you feel cozy as soon as you put your feet on it. Plus, it gives the room a homey touch.

Rugs are multipurpose and can serve as a makeshift sitting area. Since the living room is the most lived-in area of your house, it should give people more options to sit. You can throw some patterned floor pillows on your rug to make it a comfortable place to sit.

  • Floor Lamps and Wall Sconces:

People often make the mistake of having indecent lighting in their house. Overhead lights should not be the only source of illumination in your room. A good house should have a mixture of several light sources. For this purpose, floor lamps and wall sconces are the two must haves. You do not need to splurge a fortune to get good lamps; there are several fine quality cheap floor lamps available. Moreover, you can get a guideline about how to choose the best floor lamps.

Wall sconces and floor lamps serve two purposes: they make the room brighter and give the room a voguish feel. Make sure that your wall sconces go along with your living room’s vibe. You cannot have Victorian wall sconces in a minimalistic style living room.

  • Étagère:

It is a French set of open shelves for displaying artworks and ornaments. You can hang or stand it up on an empty wall of your living room. Instead of placing things here and there you can put them on the shelves so that it will look pleasant and orderly at the same time. Étagère, with its sleek design, don’t occupy much space and gives the room a modern look. You can decorate it with LED string lights to make it attractive. Here is a list of things you can place on your Étagère:

  • Family Photographs
  • Miniature plants (such as Aloe Vera or Cactus)
  • Artificial or live flowers
  • Vases of varying sizes and shapes
  • Mason jars filled with different stuff (like marbles)
  • Books and magazines
  • Porcelain showpieces
  • A clock
  • Vintage teacups and patterned plates
  • Keepsakes from your previous travels

Don’t forget to leave some space on your shelf. You don’t want to overload it with artifacts because it will end up looking like a mess. Interior designers recommend placing a variety of things on your shelf to make it look fascinating. Moreover, whatever you decide to do with your living room should make you feel upright since it is a depiction of who you are and what you like.

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