Tips to Keeping Your Home Furniture Safe From Your Pets

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Having a pet is not always fun and games. Whether you have a cat or a dog, you need to ensure that your furniture is not constantly attacked. Most cat and dog typically use couches and beds to lounge around which can mean there are chances of them having an accident on the furniture and even scratch it. So you need to make sure the furniture you have is pet-oriented and follow these tips to keep your furniture clean and scratch proof.


Clean at least once a week

There is no way you can have your pet stay off the couch. So you need to ensure to clean it at least once a week. Use a vacuum to do so. Make sure you remove the cushions and get every last inch of it. This will get the dirt, bacteria, shaded hair, and anything other out of the couch.


Teach your dog to wipe its feet

Dogs and even cats love going outside. This means there is a good chance they will get lots of dirt and possibly mud on their paws. You should keep old towels near your door so they can wipe their paws before stepping on your floor. With dogs, you can easily train them to do this as soon as they enter the house.


Cover your furniture


On a typical day, you can have a plastic cover or a sheet over your furniture. This will allow for easy clean up and ensure that the dirt and muddy paw prints stay off your furniture. There are plenty variations of furniture cover you can get especially couch with different designs so you can get one that is perfect for your home.


Give your pet dedicated furniture

Rather than your dog or cat lounging around on your couch, why not get them something specifically designed for them to lounge around in. There are beds and small couches designed specifically for dogs and cats which are quite comfortable. You can buy one for your pet and they will more likely prefer it to your couch.


Provide an alternative

If you have a cat, you are all too familiar with scratches on furniture around the house. There are two ways to work around this, you can have your cat groomed on a regular basis so that it’s nail isn’t long enough to make scratches or you can get a scratch post. When you opt to get a scratch post, place it near furniture you do not want the cat to scratch.

You don’t have to take drastic measures to ensure the safety of your furniture at home from your pet. Yes, they can be messy but that doesn’t mean you keep them locked in a room. Our tips can help you keep your furniture safe and your pets happy. We also recommend when taking your pet out for traveling purpose you use dog carriers or a cat one if you have a cat. This will give them a comfortable space to rest while you drive or carry them around.

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