Want A Great Environment at Home? Take Care of Your Waste

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The main cause of environmental degradation is waste. It is unfortunate that we cannot avoid producing waste. As long as we consume, we have to produce waste.  Proper management of waste is very important in any home as it helps in conserving the environment at the same time will be the main contributing factor to optimum health in any home.  It is obvious everyone wants a great environment at home; we all want to go back to a clean and friendly environment. That is why we have to manage the wastes we produce in the home. It is important to know the types of wastes produced at home and the effects of wastes in a home to be able to managing wastes in a better way.

Want A Great Environment at Home? Take Care of Your Waste

Types of domestic wastes

Wastes produced at home are also known as domestic wastes or municipal wastes. They can be categorized in many different ways; the classification mainly depends on one’s preference.

Municipal solid waste

Household waste can mainly be categorized as municipal waste. With urbanization and change of lifestyles, there has been an increase in the production of municipal solid waste with time. Municipal solid waste can be classified into:

Organic waste: This is waste that can decompose and includes kitchen waste, food remnants, vegetables, flowers, leaves, fruits among many others. Its effect to the environment is very minimal and is mainly used in making compost manure when it decomposes.

Toxic waste: This is mainly non degradable waste that is produced in the home. It is waste even if it is dumped it does not decompose and thus takes a very long time to decompose. In most cases this kind of waste is mainly recycled. It may include old medicines, paints, chemicals, metal containers like for shoe polish, spray cans, batteries and pesticide containers among many more. Some of the toxic waste can also be classified as recyclable and may include paper, metals, plastics and glass.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous wastes are wastes that are very toxic to humans, animals and plants. They are wastes that are corrosive, highly inflammable or explosive. They are mainly produced by industries and hospitals but may be produced by homes in some cases.

Since we already know the different categories of wastes, it is important to figure out the effects of wastes to the environment. Some of the effects of wastes may include:

Sickness and disease: Poor disposal of wastes may be the main cause of sickness and diseases in the home. Poorly dumped containers may act as breeding grounds for mosquitoes when water is deposited in them and this may lead to malaria and other sicknesses caused by mosquitoes. Poorly dumped glass or metallic materials may cause body injury. Wastes cause pollution and pollution may cause many diseases for example water pollution may cause typhoid, cholera and otter water borne diseases. Air pollution may cause respiratory diseases.

Pollution: This is very hazardous to the environment. All forms of pollution cause harm. Air pollution causes depletion of the ozone layer which leads to global warming. Air pollution can lead to acid rain which may be harmful to crops. Soil pollution may cause soil drainage problems which may lead to flooding and low soil fertility. It may also lead to death of soil organisms. Soil pollution may lead to leaching which is very harmful. Different pollution can lead to death of animals. Air pollution may lead to a bad smelling environment which may not be conducive in any home.

Lower living standards: The truth is areas with poor sanitation, dumping sites and is smelly has poor living standards as no one will want to live there and even its development will be slow as investors and tourists will shun away. The government is also likely to develop social amenities in such areas.

Lower revenue: Recycling leads to more revenue as it leads to growth of recycling industries and generation of employment. Places that do not invest in recycling miss out on the revenue that one can generate from recycling. In many countries, there are institutions that give households incentives for recycling and thus lack of participation in recycling means missing out on the incentives.

Dealing with waste in the home

Regardless of the type of waste produced in a home, there are waste management companies that will get the burden of waste management off your shoulder. If you live in Perth, there are many companies that deal with waste management and skip bin hire services.  One of the best companies that are working tirelessly to make sure that you don’t have to worry about waste management is Wets Bin.  There are some households that will prefer to dispose organic waste to compost pit themselves and there are those that prefer not to be involved. There are those that take their time to separate wastes according to time and there are those that don’t have the time to do that. West Bin has this in mind and part of its priority is offering convenience to its customers and the best service ever. Part of the factors that make West Bin the best waste management company in Perth include:


West Bin understands the fact that the main reason people opt for skip bin hire services is for the convenience and thy deliver nothing less than that. They are rightly equipped to make sure that your skip is given utmost attention. With the right equipment’s they can deal with whatever size of skip. They also have different sizes of bins to make sure that you can get the size that will be suitable for your skip. If sorting out your waste is not your kind of thing, then West Bin got your back. All you need to do is give out your waste and they will do the sorting themselves. Part of their service is prompt pickup and delivery even in instances of emergencies. In case of any rescheduling they will communicate on time to make sure that no skip is unattended to.

Eco Friendliness

One of the main reasons we go for skip bin hire services is because we are eco-friendly and we want to conserve the environment. We all know that our environment affects our health and thus the right environment is very important in any home.  West Bin are very eco-friendly and they will take care of your waste well sort the different kinds of waste and recycle if necessary.  Normally before any involvement with a skip bin hire company it is important to know its policies rules and regulations to determine how eco-friendly they are.

Value for money

Before choosing a skip bin hire company you should be sure that the company will give you value for money. One of the factors that make West Bin the best is customer satisfaction and the value for money they offer their customers. They also have other customer friendly incentives that are worth looking into.

Now that we know the factors that make West Bin the best, we should also check out on the services the company offers to its customers. Some of the services you will enjoy with West Bin are:

Waste Management

That is their priority and they provide an extensive range of services to manage your waste. They understand the fact that different customers have different requirements thus their wide range of services and wide range of skip bins that you can choose from to meet your requirements.


One of the main services that show the eco friendliness of a company is its recycling ability. West Bin dot require you to personally recycle your waste but engaging with them is already contributing to the recycling cause as they will recycle all that needs to be recycled.

Waste transfer station

West Bin bear in mind that what many customers want is convenience and some customers may not have the time to individually sort out the waste especially if they have a lot of waste and that is why they have a transfer station. Their station has been approved by the council and it is at the station where the waste is sort. To make sure that everything is disposed in the right way.

Wide range of bin sizes

West bin bears in mind that different households consume differently and thus produce wastes differently and that is why they have a wide range of bin sizes to make sure that every customer can get what meets their needs.


There is no excuse whatsoever for not having a clean environment at home. Waste management companies have provided the convenience that you need to manage your waste. Managing your waste at home will make sure that the environment is clean and that your family is healthier and the living organisms in the surrounding too. Caring for the environment is caring for life! You can check http://www.westbin.com.au/ for more information on West Bin skip hire services in Perth.

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