Welding for Home Improvement

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Welding is a fun endeavor, and if you are any good at it, you can make some decent pay. It’s not hard to learn and there are tons of places you can take classes. Once you know the basics, you will be able to get to work on welding for home improvement. Of course, you will probably need to know a little more about welding before you embark on this journey.

We suggest that you visit: http://www.thetoolreport.com/best-tig-welders/. You will learn everything you need to know about the best TIG welders on the market. Keep in mind that TIG welding is a little more complicated than the MIG version. You’ll need some serious dexterity and a lot of practice to ensure your welds are structurally sound. But, once you’ve got that under control, you’ll be off and running.

Welding for Home Improvement

Projects to Weld at Home

If you are truly a beginner, we suggest testing the waters with a MIG welder. They are a good deal easier to use. They are wire fed welders developed in the 1940s. So, the projects to weld at home on this list are suitable for those of you who are in the beginner to intermediate categories of MIG welding experience. Check them out:

  1. Shop Stool– You are going to need somewhere to sit while you perform all your future welding projects. And, welding a stool isn’t a very intricate or complicated process. Just be sure to draw it out and know exactly what you need to make it work. Things like angle brackets and a square piece of steel are highly advisable. Learn more.
  2. Workbench– Now that you’ve got a stool, you’ll need a bench to work on. This will be hugely useful as you get better at the trade. And, believe it or not, welding a workbench isn’t that hard either. Use proper techniques and look at it as a way to test your skills.
  3. Tool Rack- Here’s where the real home improvement potential comes in. If you can make a tool rack for all your necessary materials, then you’ll be organized enough to get to work on any projects that pop up along the way.

Now, if you’re ready to try your hand at some TIG welding projects, these should work for you, even if you’re still in the beginner stage:

  1. Garden Fence- With some steel rods and aluminum-magnesium alloy wire mesh, you’ll be able to weld a pretty nifty little fence to surround your garden area.
  2. Grill- Everybody loves a good grill. See if you can get your hands on a clean metal barrel and some metal strips. With those items, you’ll be able to make your very own charcoal grill. Read this.
  3. Cart- Carts are incredibly useful tools, especially when you delve into some of the more intense home improvement projects. They can help you haul heavy equipment, tile, etc. from one space to another, and they aren’t that hard to weld together either.
  4. Fire Pit- No yard is complete without a decent looking fire pit. Now that you know how to weld, it shouldn’t be a problem creating your own customized version that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

There are so many cool things you can make with your own welder. Here’s a great site for additional ideas.

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